Thursday, December 17, 2009


Two things that we really, really love. Vacations and photography.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Ensenada, Mexico

Cabrillo Monument, San Diego

Huntington Beach, Cali

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The mother to be

We already started to shop for baby stuff. Our first big purchase was the baby's carrier. Our baby registry is already up to. We have one at Babies R Us and another at Target.

Here are some of the baby clothes that we bought. They're soooo cute, I can't wait for the baby. It sounds like, the dad is more excited than the mother to be.

Here are the links.
Babies R Us

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Almost there

We're here in Oakland. Our final stop before SD. Now I know how it feels to be a jet setter and I'm not enjoying it. Although I get to walk a lot and buy tons and tons of coffee.

After five airport terminals, three plane changes, six venti fraps, almost 12 hours of being on the air, thousands of steps from one gate to the other, a couple of souvenir pins, few minutes of chit chatting with fellow passengers, and a total of three hours of being delayed, this is how i looked like. Still all smiles.

But you know what, it's not as bad. This is my first time of doing this and it would have been way better if Anna was with me. Maybe next time, instead of going out on a road trip, we'd probably fly and do this again.

For now, all i can think about, is being back at home with my honey and our baby. Few more hours, one more flight and one more terminal. We're almost there.

The four "S"

We're now here in Seattle (I'm with Anna's mom now), waiting for our flight back to San Diego. I've been to three different places within hundreds of miles apart in less than five hours.

Our flight back is now delayed by an hour and we have to change planes @ Oakland. It would have been nice if it was San Francisco or San Jose so that it would have been consistent with the S's.

Too bad, we didn't have enough time to go sight seeing here in Seattle. But it's too darn cold.

San Diego, Sacramento and Seattle through Southwest. Ain't that cute.

Quickie @ Sacramento

Thanks to all the hi-tech stuff, I get to surf the net. Right now, we're here @ Sacramento for a stop over.

I do need to make this quick. Most of the passengers have already boarded. And we're just waiting for some people. Next stop, Seattle.

Denny's Diner

After 10 days of being here in SD, my dad went back to PI. He enjoyed his short stay and most of it was spent out shopping for stuff that he's been looking for back home.


It was already 10pm, and we’re on our way back from LAX. We’re getting hungry, so we decided to stop over on one of the Denny's that had this retro sign (I'ts even missing a letter). It wasn’t your typical diner. It was small and very comfy. Kinda like that place you always go to whenever you don’t want to cook and you know all the people that comes in.


We were so hungry, I just kept ordering. Everything looked so yummy. And ended up with boxes of food to take back home.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stop the Madness

We have so much to be thankful for this year, especially our little bundle of joy that’s about to come in Feb of 2010. And that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Appreciating all the nice things no matter how big or small. No matter what tragedies, problems, sorrows or struggles we went through, we should always look at the bigger picture, like our health, family, friends or simply being alive and enjoying all the simple things that life has to offer.

But there’s this one time of the year that things really get complicated. A time when you need to have a plan and yet it still doesnt happen as it should be. Where luck is a very important factor and your chances are so small that you have to fight for it.

I’m not talking about some dilemma nor over the top event, I’m talking about Black Friday. Oh yes, a shopping frenzy that every single person in North America looks forward to. Where people would fall in line for hours or even camp out days before just to get the best deals.

Too bad for me, I was working Thursday night and I dont get off until 7:30 Friday morning. Luckily, I was able to buy one of the netbooks I wanted online the night before but I had to wake Anna at 3am. And by the time I went home that day, it was all sold out. My dad, who always pays us a visit every Thanksgiving even had to stay up too.

After work, I went back home just to take a shower and pick up Anna and my dad (who were both ready). We then headed to Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, and Best Buy. We started late, but we were still able to get some of the stuff that we wanted and a few extras.

After a whole day of shopping, we were all exhausted and tired. But how will it be like next year? Would things be the same or get worst? And the most important question is, will this madness ever stop?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

First Glimpse

(Caramel Apples that they gave out at work.)

Halloween is the only day of the year that kids get to scare people and get a treat in return. We did not buy any candies nor costumes and did not really care for all the stuff that's about to happen. But instead, we we're all hyped up and ready to go to see our baby.

We had an appointment @5pm for a 4D ultrasound. When we arrived, we're the only clients, probably because it was Halloween. Took the tech a while to get everything set up but the wait was worth it.

We're so happy to see our baby for the first time, even though we get to go for our monthly ultrasound in our OB (and we didn't wanna know the baby's gender).

The baby was asleep for a couple of minutes and kept covering it's face with both of its feet and hands. When it finally woke up, it gave us a couple of yawns and smiles. It was so cute.

For now, we just have to settle with the constant quickening in Anna's tummy and have that memory of the first glimpse of our baby.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pregnancy pics

This shows how cheap I am. Anna keeps asking me if we could go for a photo shoot in a studio, but me being me said " No...... Let's just do it here at home instead". And it came out like this.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Job well done

Last Wednesday, Sharp Chula Vista held it's annual Core Awards. Different departments and notable figures are nominated to recognized the contributions in their chosen field and their community.

I heard the news two days prior to the ceremony that Anna was nominated in one of the categories. It's been long overdue and she deserves it.

On the day itself, I woke up early (around noon, since I'm on the night shift, that's early for me) and readied myself. I'm all set and excited.

The ceremony was themed after the game show "Who wants to be a millionaire?". The atmosphere was fun. When Anna's category was then presented I was really hoping that she would win, but she was up against with other people who really made a huge impact to other people's lives.

But still, I'm so proud of her. Being nominated is more than enough. And she deserves a pat in the back for a job well done.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sizzling Saturday

This was gonna be my last day to go on the Comic-con. And besides, it was already taking it's toll on me. Anna was with me on this day but she was too tired to go around and take pictures with me.

Saturday was masquerade day. This is when most of the people comes in donning their best costumes vying for some prize. It was too crowded but this was the best day to go. But if you're in for the exclusive toys, you'll just be disappointed since most of the good stuff are sold out already.

This is also the day that most celebrities comes in. Saw a couple like, Megan Fox, Leonard Nimoy and Stan Lee to name a few. And most of the best programs are scheduled also.

I already bought the things that I really want on the previous days, and I'm really in for the cosplayers. I really felt bad, because Anna was just sitting in a corner. She did wanted to go around and take pictures but she was concerned with the large crowd and she might caught something like flu which would affect her pregnancy. So we decided to go home early.

Comic-con has ended, but I'm already gearing up to next year's Con. I'm really excited for next year, since we already have a baby and we're planning to dress him/her up. We haven't thought of a costume yet. And hopefully, Jun would be able to join me next year. He was supposed to this year, but for some reason, he decided not to.

Oh well, I guess I'll see all those people again next year.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Frenzied Friday

My third day at the Con. And it was no different from the previous days. Same old parking, same old crowd, same old stuff to see, but a whole new experience.

Same routine as we did on Thursday but now, I was there as early as 6:30. And I was able to get a good parking spot, just beside the Convention Center. People were just rushing to get inside and trying to get ahead of all the lines.

The next thing I know, I was sitting down, probably one of the first 100 people in line. I was sooooo happy that finally, I'd be able to get inside really early. But then again , something's wrong here.

After 2 hours, the line moved forward but we're heading towards one of the ballrooms. Ok, it's confirmed, I'm attending one of the programs. But which one? I sat comfortably on the 4th row and just waited what's in store.

And then I heard one of the attendees on my right said that it's Stargate Universe. I'm familiar with the show and yet I haven't seen even an episode of it's franchise. Oh well, I waited 2 freakin hours in line and I'm sitting on the 4th row. So i;m just gonna make the best out of this.

I was just there sitting for an hour before the program started. Then they showed a clip of the upcoming season of the series. Everyone was so excited and I was there having no clue at all. At least the cast were there, and I get to see celebrities.

I then headed downstairs to the exhibit hall. Place was packed, "again". So, I just went around, took pictures and headed off to pick up Anna from work and then went home. Another day at the con and another one for tomorrow.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tricky Thursday

San Diego Comic-Con officially starts at this day. I was on my own now since Anna had to go to work. She did not opted for vacation since she's really not into it. I was supposed to go with a friend but he backed out.

I was already up as early as 2:30 AM. I can't sleep not because I'm excited but I was updating our blog and Flickr. We got everything planned out. Drop Anna at work and I'd go directly to the convention center. I thought that 7:30 AM was early since the doors don't open till past 9. And again I was wrong. Place was already packed and I cant get a decent parking spot. So I settled for Seaport Village which was 7 blocks away. I thought to myself, "What's 7 blocks?! And besides, walking is good".

After a few minutes of "walking", I headed right away to Hasbro's ticket booth (You need to avail a ticket to be able to buy any of their items). I was in line for 30 minutes. And again i said to myself, "Ok. Now i got the tickets, and 30 minutes wasn't that long, I guess everything would go smoothly at the booth". And again, I was wrong. I was again in line, and now I stayed there for almost 4 hours.

Since I was there for 4 hours I bought tons of stuff, just to make my time worth while. Which I later realized that I was alone and no one to help me out carry all of these little plastic men. And the hard part is, I had to walk 7 freakin blocks. When I finally got to the car, I was sweating like a thousand pigs.

I was too tired to go back and just decided to head home. When I picked Anna from work, she asked me up to what time is the con open, I said till midnight. So she convinced me to go back. Me being a good husband said yes. Hehehe!!! We then arrived at 6PM. I went around and took several pics, while Anna just stayed in a corner and surf the net. After a few minutes, we then heard an announcement saying that the exhibit hall is closing at 7PM. For the nth time, I was wrong again about the closing time.

We then went home, and now ready for Friday. But was I ever right? ...........

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Preview Night of SDCC 09

Oh yes, it's that time of the year where heroes, villains, monsters, aliens and all that weird stuff gather in one place. It's Comic-Con!!! This time, we get to go for 4 days.

It's my second time around, and I came prepared. I did my research, took my time in checking which booths I'd want to go first and made an estimate of how much moolah would jump out of my wallet.

But me being the cheapskate that I am, told my lead nurse prior the week before, if I can come to work on Tuesday night (my shift was from 11pm to 7am)which was the night before Comic-con. I was thinking, I'd probably have enough sleep before going to the con. But i have totally forgotten about someone from the cable company coming over around 8-10 AM. To make the long story short, while I'm writing down this blog, I've been up for almost 26 hours with just 2 hours of sleep in between.

Anyways, this year's Comic-Con was a huge disappointment for me. We bought the 4-Day pass thinkin that there would be less people on preview night. But when we got there at around 6pm, the crowd was already huge. Lucky for us, we were able to get parking at the convention center which was way cheaper compared to the other "pay parking" lots around the area.

And when we got inside, everything was a mess. People are everywhere, the exhibitors in my opinion were overwhelmed with the huge number of attendees. One of the booths that was included in my plan, didn't even had a line to start with. People were just making their way through to the nearest cashier.

Even though the ensuing chaos was way out of hand. I was still half dazed thinking, I probably died and gone to toy heaven. It never seizes to amaze me, that toys can still have that distinctive allure that affects adults like me. Probably 80% of the people at the con are at the ranges of 18-40 years of age. Which makes you wonder, where are all the kids who are supposed to be the one enjoying these plastic goodies?

With our little one on the way, I'm already thinkin, "What would be a nice costume for our baby in next years Con?".

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We are soooo spoiled!!!

Few months back, we went to Mexico for a day trip. It was fun. Had a couple of tacos and lobsters. But what made that trip memorable was when Anna lost her camera. We didn't notice till the following day.

When we went to San Francisco, although we have 2 SLR's and mommy's digicam, Anna still wanted a point and shoot of her own. We went to Costco and went cam hunting. She just wanted the same model as mommy's cam, but it was out of stock. I convinced her to get the newest model, and she ended up with this cam. She loved it.

After a few days after coming back from SF, I was thinking that our Dell laptop was also due for an upgrade. We then went to Fry's, and I had my eye on a couple of HP laptops, but after an hour and a half of looking and trying out several laptops, i decided to just walk away and just settle with the one that we had.

We went for lunch and then headed to Wal-mart. But i just can't get rid that itch. I want something new, and I'm not going home empty handed. We went back to Fry's, but again, it took me 30 minutes to get what i really want. And instead of an HP, I ended up with a Toshiba. Which was cheaper and better.

But things doesn't end there. Anna kept asking when is she getting a new phone, but i kept telling her soon. During this weekend, she asked me again, so I told her, "OK let's go to AT&T". We we're just there to take a look at the new iPhone 3G S. After an hour of convincing us to change our cable provider from Cox to AT&T. We then stepped out with a new iPhone.

Hmmmmm!!! We are sooo spoiled!!! But in a couple months, someone else besides me and Anna will be saying the very same words, in a "goo goo" kinda way.

Monday, June 01, 2009

San Francisco Road Trip: Day 1

The first leg of our trip started in Torrance (Los Angeles). We stayed in a friends house for 2 days. We we're supposed to go to Universal Studios but the weather wasn't cooperating and ended up in several Target's and Wal-mart's instead.

The gang was just happy sitting and enjoying the day.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

San Francisco or Bust

Anna's mom flew from Alaska for a month long vacation with us. As a treat, we'll be spending 6 days in San Francisco.

We have our new mascot, Ooohgee the Monkey. Along with him are some of my toys, Bumblebee, The Thing (Fantastic Four), B.A.T.(G.I. Joe, Starscream (Transformers) and Masterchief. Here's a pic of 'em setting up for the trip.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Brother from a different mother

It almost got away. Another couple was ahead of us, checking out this bad baby. After a few minutes, they've decided to turn around and think of it some more. I immediately stepped in, and told the guy from Sony that I'm going to buy one of the Alpha 350. The couple heard me and decided to hang around, probably having regrets why they had second thoughts buying the camera.
They had a little chat with Anna, and even told her "Syempre ang kukunin nyo yung walang scratch", while I'm doing cosmetic inspection on the last two cameras.