Sunday, January 22, 2006

final colors + theme + a lot more

after the long hiatus, it's time to keep the ball rollin' again. back to wedding preps, wedding preps, wedding preps! all the details of what brian and i had accomplished since november had clogged up our brains now. time to let them all out!

on dresses. remember my dilemma? well, the color saga had finally come to an end (at last!). when brian and i finally sat down with Francis, he was kind enough to help us choose colors for the dresses. since we've decided that the theme would invovle mainly of cherry blossom flowers and chocolate, we came up with these colors for the girls' dresses:
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the first two pink swatches (light pink and fuschia) are for the female entourage, with eggyolk (far right) as the accentuating color and salmon pink for the two moms. gown sketches for the female entourage has been drawn and finalized. the only thing missing are the barongs for the guys, which is brian's assignment in lucban, laguna, where we are hoping to get the best deal from.

and to incorporate the chocolate theme, brown shades will be visible on the little details such as the inivitations, cake, chocolate fountain(s) --one 35' tall + two 18' fountains (only if budget will still fit) and a few of the paraphernalia to be used at the wedding rites.

the cake. here's a scanned photo of the cake we wanted from the martha stewart weddings 10th anniversary magazine. our coordinator, jenne, gave me some cake101 lessons when i inquired about this. she said, since this type of cake is chocolate coated, gumpaste will be used instead of fondant. we chose the top most layer to be fruitcake (so we can save it and eat it a year later), and either apple walnut or banana walnut for the rest of the layers. we wanted the real thing so no dummies shall be used on this one.
cost: Php12,500.00
supplier: chocolato (?not sure if i spelled that correctly)

the invites. another inspiration spotted inside the martha stewart weddings 10th year mag. our invites are inspired by this theme. it will not exactly appear to be a replica of this since ours will have metallic chocolate brown as the outer cover, where dry embossed cherry blossoms are visible in the front flowing all the way to the back covers; 6'x6' in size; with several inserts for the big day's details, etc.,etc.... we're just practically taking the flower details on this one to suit the theme. the design hasn't been finalized yet so mock up invite photos to follow.
cost: Php85.00/set
supplier: Laguna Printing Press, Inc.

the placemats. (optional)... still from the martha stewart weddings collections. this is a neat idea where the placemat will have the menu written on it. we're still debating if we will include this one. heres the sample photo:
cost: Php35.00/piece
supplier: Laguna Printing Press, Inc.

these are only a few of what we have done so far. there are so many more things to write about. 'til the next post, fellas!

Monday, January 16, 2006

the first man in my life

Maj. Antonio Nido Enate
January 17, 1926 - December 08, 2005

It's been more than a month now but it still feels like it was just yesterday.
Thank you for the twenty seven years we've spent together.
Thank you for putting up a good fight battling all your illnesses.
Thank you for letting me, ate and mom take care of you.
And thank you for waiting for me to come home and enjoy you some more.
I know you're an added angel up above now to look upon us.
You will remain in my heart forever.
I love you and I miss you so much, Dad.


More the a month of no posts, no updates. No matter how valid my reason is for being away, i'd still choose to write and update non-stop just so this day won't come. I think i had prepared Mom better than i had prepared myself for this day. Or heck, i don't think anyone could just easily ready oneself for death or a death of a loved one. After my three week vacation in november, i got home very tired and sick, yet happy to see Dad back home from the hospital and enjoying thanksgving with the entire family. I was able to join them at home for a week since i was sick. I can see clearly that Dad was very happy he was home. Barely two days after i started back to work, Dad left us. His wishes was to be taken home back to the Philippines and be burried at his mausoleum and for his three other children to see him. It has been a very tough month for all of us. And a very sad way to end our 2005.

I wish not to frequent this blog with entries such as this. I wish to keep this blog happy from now on.

To all those who went to the viewing and sent their sympathies... thank you.