Monday, June 28, 2010



I grew up in a country with only two seasons-- sunny and rainy...on second note, at the rate mother earth is going, that can now be made to four seasons considering very, very sunny and very very rainy. The sun's behind you for ten months, while December, January and February are the coolest with a temperature dropping to 28oC. Thinking of it just make me sweat all over again. Having said that, moving to San Diego ended up to be quite an adjustment. Now I have real four seasons to contend with. I'm loving the cold days or sometimes windy, where I just want to stay in bed and snuggle with my two girls.


And then comes summer. "Hoorahhhh!!!" (yeah right). I've lived here in SD for almost three years now, but summer still doesn't appeal to me. San Diegans go gaga and the only thing that gets me going would be the bustling activities happening from left to right.


One of these special events would be the annual Del Mar Fair (DMF). I remember as a kid growing, we had the same kind back in PI. I enjoyed going to these and one such memorable place would be is Big Bang in Alabang. That feeling of nostalgia and the fond moments growing up that gave me and my cousins endless joy.

DSC06879 DSC06830

I then felt a bit of sadness because when Happy grows up to that certain age, she won't have that same moments I had. She may have her friends, but family is different. I guess the only solution I can think of right now would be...... more kids? Ok, that's a bit drastic and quite too soon.



The array of food scattered among the fair grounds is huge. From the ordinary kettle popcorn to the not so ordinary fried zuchiwinnie (yes there is such) and the totally outrageous chocolate covered deep fried bacon (WTF right?). It was a feast. We had the cheeseburger and fries, fish and chips, beef tacos, soda's with souvenir cups (that can be refilled for $2.50)and two chocolate dipped frozen banana's with almonds.



It was good, but it also burned a hole in my pocket. And this is not your ordinary pocket hole. We're talking $60++ worth of a hole! And there were several potholes along the way. We did splurge on the food. Forget those games. An average of $5 a game and little stuff animal if you win. Jeez, I may be cheap, but I'd rather buy a decent stuffed animal at Target.


It was a nice get away even for a day. We left at around 10pm, stuffed and happy. I guess you can equate these fairs to day trips for outrageous, out of this world, coronary blocking food adventure.


Friday, June 11, 2010

5th month

We were looking at Happy's pictures that I took a few months back and just realized how time flies. I still remember carrying her with just one hand while she sleeps.


It's just unfair that everything about her goes by really fast. Cant' she just stay like this for a while??