Monday, March 27, 2006

wedding mags

today's entry is brought to you by the letters C-L-E-A- and N.

finally! after my weekends work, i planned today to be my clean up day. read: did quite a few laundry, vacuumed (hate it!), made my home workstation tidy, shredded my junk mails and detailed my car's interiors (something that is loongg overdue!).

and along the process of cleaning, i just realized that (i think) my year's subscription of wedding mags had just ended. they are now piled up at the side of my desk occupying a spot that i can have better us of. i still flip through them once in a while, if time permits. but sometimes, browsing and reading back issues do not really help. specially now that we're more than midway the wedding plans. the things i read and see in these back issues still somewhat influences the things that we have already decided on. bad, bad habit. i always have side comments such as "ay, maganda to!" or "uy, cute! gusto ko tong idea na to!" hehehehe! i tell yah, i'm positive that i am a big part of the reason why my husband's hair is thinning fast, ahahhahhaha! i don't really have plans for these mags as of yet. maybe i'll sell them when i'm done like the other b2b's. or maybe save them for the next b2b in the family, if there's any next in line (*wink, wink*), hehehe.

Monday, March 13, 2006

crane's & papyrus + disposable cameras

the past few weeks has been quite slow for wedding preps. san diego weather has been very, very sullen. i love rain. but rain, minus my bed, and no snooze? baaahh. nakaka depress lang when i think about it. oh well. i was able to sneak in some mall time in the afternoon that there was no rain, though. here are some of my good finds:

disposable cameras with instruction cards from Walmart. other wedding websites sells them for $5.99/camera while walmart has them for $15.99/ box of 4 cams. that's $2.00 savings x 20 cams = $40.00... cashing! cashing! i looove walmart! this cameras will be in each table for the guests to take snaps.

blank engraved initial notes from Crane's & Co. to write letters for our Principal Sponsors. see, this stationary is so darn pretty for my sloppy handwriting. i really gotta figure out a way how to tweak the settings on my computer so i can print them out instead.

blank notes in pink with brown trimmings to write letters for the wedding party from Papyrus. with this one, i'm not quite decided on wheter i should write them the note now (eventhough i've met them already in person and have asked and told them that they play a role in the entourage group, with STDs disposed off accordingly) or just write them personal thank you notes and tuck them in inside their gown/barong boxes? we'll see.

now i hope on my next mall adventure i get to find those monogram cake toppers!