Sunday, September 13, 2020

Curiosity killed the dog

Went to Ikea to buy stuff for the kids to have things organized before school starts with distance learning. And on our way out, I had to pick up some essential things like the meatballs, but then, it was almost lunch time and their veggie dog caught my eye.
THe most logical thing to do was to go ahead and buy it. We then ate the thing in the car. The size was decent, around 5 inches and since this was not keto, Anna and I shared. It had those crunchy onions, pickled radish (I think) mustard and the veggie dog itself.
For 75 cents, it was good for that price. The taste was something that we both cant really describe in a way that every bite tends to represent its ingredients. But this wont replace my regular hotdog, Costco would still get my vote.