Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mine is as Hard as Wood

After moving to our new house, we immediately started doing projects. From small things such as shelves and hooks to painting the whole house.



The floor was a big issue before we even moved in. So we decided to change the 2nd floor and the stairs with new carpet. And if we have enough money left, the rest of the house with hardwood.



We then got a good deal with the hardwood, but after getting two quotes from different contractors, I asked myself why would I pay these guys almost a grand (labor only) when I can do this. I was then dead-lock in doing this project by myself (of course, I had help from Sensei Vinh).


Monday, August 01, 2011

Glorified tablet

Happyvil, sort of a farmville and all the ville in social networks.

ipad 2

After spending days at The Con last week, I had to at least make our anniversary gift a little extra special.

ipad 1

The only thing that came up was an Ipad. The diamond ring did pop up, next was the LV bag, but those two are way out of my league for now.