Monday, March 29, 2010


Anna bought these books a few weeks back, and just started flipping the pages two days ago. The author, Scott Kelby, had a different style of writing that made me want to read an extra hour after already reading that extra hour... (hmmm, I guess you know what I mean).

He explained digital photography in a way that most people would understand. Let's put it this way, have you ever bought some gadget or furniture that instead of reading the manual first (even though there's this huge red note saying to read the manual first), that you would just jump in and try it out. That's how we did it. He went straight to the point, told you what to do, like, what settings you need for night photo's or maybe that soccer practice for your son.

Added to that, he had this sense of humor, that made these books fun to read. This is a must read for all beginner's, amateurs, planning to go into photography and especially to all those "Wannabees" (this is for another blog entry).

Keep those precious moments in photos. "Kaya tara na at mag-Kodakan tayo".


j. said...

guilty wannabe is in need of some advice -

which should i buy?

canon 450D
nikon d300

budget can only afford those two.


Brian & Anna said...

I had the same question which one is better between a Nikon or a Canon, to a co-worker when I was starting.

There are a couple of points to think about. Canon far exceeds Nikon when it comes to technology. But when budget comes into factor, go for the Nikon since they have cheaper lenses.

I remember that you had a Canon before, so might as well go for that. And I'm a Canon user. Hehehe!!!

Brian & Anna said...

Yeah Jac he's partial to canon like that, LOL!

j. said...

haha.loyalist.ok ill announce what ill choose in the coming days!hehe

pretty new bloggy anna and bri.pretty baby model too.

j. said...

so bought the 450D.the one with the 18-55mm & 55-250mm lens kit.

i now have to study using it.

tips and pointers pls???

Unknown said...

Gratz on the new toy.

Pointers: if budget permits, buy an external flash. It will improve the quality of your pics.

If you need a quick rundown in taking good pics, let me know and I'll post a new entry to help you out.

j. said...

yes.quick rundown please.medyo matagal pa siguro external flash.have to save up for it again.

at pakidetalye.hehe.

salamat brian