Thursday, September 22, 2005


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Brian and i were talking about wanting to have this chocolate fondue at the reception. Knowing the chocoholics in us, we'd pretty much sit our table right next to this heavenly treat, hehe! The only thing is, brian have been trying to get a hold of them but their phone's been busy for the longest time now. Everytime he'd call, it's busy... Hmm, business must be good. I sure do hope we can afford to have this one. I've been browsing the W@W yahoo group for prices and found a couple of suppliers that offer good prices but the tallest they have is an 18". We just think it'd be more fun if it's tall and flowy, hehehe. Yeah. Listen to the kid in me talking. Next thing you'll see is me and brian running around like big kids at the reception. Hyper with all the sugar boost this humongous fondue could bring, hahahha! Oh but who cares, you can never go wrong with chocolates. I'm sure our guests will feast on this one, as well. In that case, i'm sure they will go home all "sugar happy".

Also, i think this would be the best place to put the personalized napkins we're trying to get. Hmmm... ideas after ideas! I'm on the roll here, baby! Weee!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

the dress

After blatantly telling Migs that i am very overwhelmed and are now clueless as to what i exactly want for my dress, he then asked me to send him a picture of me and ian through email and said he'd take care of it for me. these all happened prior to meeting him in person.

a day or so had passed and he emailed me back with these:

design no. 1

design no. 2

design no. 3

*all embellishments are in silver

Amazing isn't it!? I've looked thru them in person when he flew in to meet me and Migs explained to me that these sketches are modular, meaning, the designs can be interchanged by putting the sheets one on top of the other to capture the look of a different combination. the bodice and the bottom of the front and back are all interchangable. did it make sense? i wish i could show it here how it's done. anyways, i've chosen a combination of these: the bodice of gown no. 1-- has symmetrical satin sheets that criss-crosses just right under the bustline and a satin sheet that runs across the chest to hide some of my upper bulges (heee!) and as for the back part of the dress, i'm deciding between design no. 1 or no. 2. i told him that i'll toy around with the idea once the gown is partially made. i can't wait 'til i get back to manila again and start this whole dress making process!

Migs is just brilliant. I get all giddy with all these anticipation of how my dress is gonna be like in real life =)

Here are the rest of the dresses for the girls:
*these are tentative til i get the final quote, if they're too pricey i'd shop around again
for Adet (my sis in-law), Matron of Honor

for Teng (my bestfriend), Maid of Honor
(this design will be changed into a halter top neckline)

for Leah (my niece), Bridesmaid

for Rosa, Cyrene and Aureen (cousins and niece), Secondary sponsors

meeting Miguel

I have to admit, after Brian and i had settled with Fernwood as our venue, i started to become clueless and felt so helpless as to what to do next. The decision to choose the venue came long before the wedding plans even officially started. I'd say, must be way back since year 2001 when i saw it in tfc, shown in one of the dramas i used to watch back then. We both surfed and searched online, browsed through it, and fell in love instantly with the place. It was that simple and easy.

Now on what to wear, it wasn't the same case. It took me a good amount of time searching online and a couple of store visits to David's bridal and Demetrio's just to try on what style fits my body type best. There were so many to choose from! I got easily overwhelmed since i was doing this on my own. I thought, had i wanted to finish this wedding dress ordeal, i could've just grabbed a dress from the store and viola! Done! But no. Not in a once in a lifetime ocassion like my wedding. I've decided i wanted something custom made for me. No no to an american size, ready-to-wear wedding gown that would require tremendous amount of alterations and cash just to make it fit me. And so the search continued. This time for a designer.

To suit our budget, i've drawn out criterias in searching for a good designer: 1) young flipino designer with beautiful and fresh creations/ideas to give me 2) would make both ends meet to achieve our desired budget 3) can do the job even if i'm from here in san diego 4) has to be kind and approachable and most importantly, 5) has an imaginative and an open mind to absorb MY OWN ideas and plans.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd i found him them. Yes, them! As in, i have two fabulous designers. They are Miguel and Francis of Njork by MiguelFrancisco. I have only met one of the tandem though, Miguel, whom by some good fate, now resides in San Francisco. Is that luck or what! After a couple or so of exchanging emails and phonecalls, Migs flew in and finally met me. I felt a bit anxious meeting him in person because i'm afraid that he maybe a bit eccentric and a snotty designer. To my amazement, the guy isn't any of what i was presumming he might be. He's totally nice and sooo fun to be with! He instantly made it to my gay guy friends list. He showed me the sketches (which deserves a separate blog entry), took my measurement and my parents' as well. What made me love Migs even more was his genuine kindness in accommodating dad's needs. Knowing my dad's medical condition, wheelchair bound and limited in mobility, Mig's suggested a special barong and pants for him. Thinking about my dad's comfort, he instantly thought of making him clothes that would have snaps on both sides for easy dressing/undressing. I called his ideas to be my dad's "bionic" outfit, hehehe. My parents were both happy with Migs and his brilliant ideas.

happy loved ones = happy anna. I can't ask for more.