Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Almost there

We're here in Oakland. Our final stop before SD. Now I know how it feels to be a jet setter and I'm not enjoying it. Although I get to walk a lot and buy tons and tons of coffee.

After five airport terminals, three plane changes, six venti fraps, almost 12 hours of being on the air, thousands of steps from one gate to the other, a couple of souvenir pins, few minutes of chit chatting with fellow passengers, and a total of three hours of being delayed, this is how i looked like. Still all smiles.

But you know what, it's not as bad. This is my first time of doing this and it would have been way better if Anna was with me. Maybe next time, instead of going out on a road trip, we'd probably fly and do this again.

For now, all i can think about, is being back at home with my honey and our baby. Few more hours, one more flight and one more terminal. We're almost there.

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