Monday, May 22, 2023

The 100

I was surprised to see this email when I woke this morning. Whoever that 100th person, Thank you so much!!!
Youtube 100
Does that mean I'm a legit influencer now? Do I start shooting videos on a tripod dancing out on the sidewalks and be able to ignore the stares and grins that people would throw at me while I distrupt the flow of foot traffic? Or maybe rent out a Lambo and start doing those gold digger scenarios? Howbout just play video games and have people watch me all day? Endless possibilities...........

Saturday, October 15, 2022

My most viewed

This was my most viewed unboxing. I was not even expecting it to go beyond 300, let alone by 2k+. Nothing really special about this figure and it's also based on the movie which most collectors are not that eager to buy. And again, I just want to thank all those who viewed this, just hope that somebody would comment why it's so popular.

And we're off again in July 2023

It was my weekend off and was perfect timing for SDCC to have their returning attendees to have their badges purchased this day. But again, me and another 50-60k people out in the world are probably ready for this. 8AM PST is the hour that we should be logging in and an hour wait to be placed in a virtual line. The first few minutes was already hitting a snag. It was not letting us wait and just gave us a notice that we'll be re-directed. I was like, "probably normal since people are starting to log in"
SDCC 2023 Register
Another 20+ minutes then this happened. "MAINTENANCE". Now there's a problem. I was logged in two computers, one under my account and another to Anna's. FB and Twitter started blowing up. people are now frustrated and but we are all not surprised. And now people are speculating that it might not even happen today and get re-scheduled. 9AM and stil no news. Wondering whats gonna happen next. Then a twitter was sent out that they found and resolved the issue. Registration will commence at 9:30AM and pre-sale will be at 10AM now.
SDCC 2023 Register
Now I was excited the moment it came up and saw that little walking guy that would indicate wher in line we're at. Now it's just waiting whether the tickets would be sold out by the time I get the chance to buy the badges.
SDCC 2023 Register
And I got in under my account. Anna's was still an hour away. To my surprise all days are available including Preview Night. But I had to skip that since thats only 3hrs and I would have to cough up another $55.No thank you. My friend Vinh wanted to go on Thursday and Friday only but at the very last minute decided to go on all days.
SDCC 2023 prices
SDCC 2023 Register
I think we had lady luck on our side. So I went and left Anna's account still in line just wondering if it would be able to get in. I returned some stuff I bought from Amazon to UPS and by the time I got home, Anna's account was still in-line. Waited again for another 10-15 minutes, and got in. Thursday and Friday were the only days left.
SDCC 2023 prices
This day ended well for us. And now people at work would just be like, "How are you able to get those badges and can you get me one?". Argghhhhhh. It's just..........

Monday, July 18, 2022

3 days and counting

The biggest pop culture convention is about to begin in a few days. San Diego Comic Con is back. Although last year, there was a special edition which is a toned down version, and I mean toned "down". But it seems it has not gather that momentum just yet. A few of the mainstay companies wont have a presence and there were several things that was able to get access to. One would be parking. Yes, parking is a big thing that you have to register ahead of time to be able to buy spots on days that youd be attending. And thats not guaranteed as well. Ace parking is unfortunately the sponsored/endorsed/official company that handles this.
Ace Parking for SDCC 2022
On the map provided, there's only one available parking structure that close to the convention center and thats the rate for that day. Another thing is the hotel room availability. Bookings the hotle rooms is also a nightmare. It's like buying the con tickets but the price per night is astronomical.
Hotels SDCC 2022
Hotels SDCC 2022
So now you can imagine the amount of money you'd invest just by attending a 5-day event. And that does not include transportation whether through flying or driving, the food, the merch that for sure youd buy and any other things that you require. And mind you, whether it be freebie items that companies would hand out or exclusive items, they go for big bucks on Ebay, Mercari, FB marketplace, Craigslist, Offer-Up etc. This explains why the crazy numbers. And to all those cry babies out there saying that these attendees should be considerate in selling any of these items for a high price, lets see if youre willing to fork out thousands of dollars of your own money, be in line for a minimum of an hour and just be a nice person buying things and lugging them with you back home and sell it to a complete stranger for maybe a mark up of $10 from the original price. Then............

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Macro Shots

How I missed doing these style of photgraphy. It's just takes a lot of your time in getting the right shot. Lighting is the most important and getting the right angle would either break it or ruin the whole thing. After all that work, you then have to choose which photo that would represent your work and then edit to any specifications on what otcome you think is right.
Photo Session
This is like gardening for me. Gives you the satisfaction on what the end result is, on how it turns out.
Scare Glow
Scare Glow
Compound Hulk
Compound Hulk

Saturday, July 09, 2022

Express Unboxing

I started doing unboxing videos where it only takes less than 5 minutes and some even less than 2. I'm at that point where spending 15 or more minutes someone open an item, talking about whats in their head while slowly taking a toy out of its box is a waste. I just want to see what it looks like out of the box, what it came with and whether its worth it or not.