Saturday, September 14, 2019

Men in brown

Patients, family members and sometimes the friends too, are the worst customers. Emotions are always high and keeping your cool with a smile on your face is a big talent for most hospital staff. I’ve had my fair share of incidents and still have to keep an open mind about everything.

And now, being on the other side of the fence, as the customer, I felt the services rendered to me were unsatisfactory. On Wednesday, ironically 9/11, I were to get package delivered from #UPS.  With the tracking info stating it will be arriving by the end of the day. To be more precise, I took the liberty in updating my information to include text update alert option it offered. Perfect, right.  Let's keep going.

By the end of the day, it was a no show. Insert all the feels of 9/11 attack here rushing in me.  Then magically the status went from in transit to reschedule. Boom!  It was already 8 at night and at this point i cannot fathom a logical reason as to why it was rescheduled. Unless of course -- and again insert all the 9/11 attack feels here-- IT.IS.LOST.

*Breathe*   *Breathe*   *Breathe*

I tried to get a hold of customer service but they were closed. It was the friendly robotic automated customer service.

Just like any other customer would, I gave them a call the next day and a customer rep over the chat app was not much of a help. Apparently, #UPS reps can only relay the concerns on the facility and you just have to wait for a call back. I asked if I can have a number that I can call the facility but again, they don’t do that and you just have to wait for a call..... I don't know, to test my patience?!

I waited for hours on the day.  And when they finally called back, it was to say IT IS NOT IN THEIR SYSTEM (and wait, this gets better)... THEY WILL "LOOK" FOR IT.  Hearing that, this now tops off the 9/11 feels as steam now comes out of me being pissed livid.  By around 5 PM, I was told they CANNOT FIND my package and that no reason, whatsoever, was stated by the courier driver as to what happened to it.  Finally, they had the audacity to tell me what to do: file a claim for lost item. 

Sure I fu@*ng would!  Best believe I AM ON IT!

How can #UPS mishandle/loose/magically make disappear a huge box that weighs 11 lbs.

***Breathe***   ***Breathe***   ***Breatheeeeeeeeee****

I went online again to ask for an explanation and yet it's the same unacceptable answer. The #UPS person on the other end just said that the facility would have all the info I need.  At this point, just any logical person would, I trust no one.

By the third day, yet, ironically Friday the 13th, I was given the same explanation/excuse/crap that I was already made aware of -- they cannot locate it physically nor electronically.  And that they would  give me a call (AGAIN) by then OR... get this: FILE A CLAIM, yet, again. Wow. Just wow.  So I emailed #UPS about the issue, this time without any faith as my good guess and instincts dictate this would be dumped on their pile of complaints.

This is not the first time it happened to me...and for sure this wont be the last. These men in brown are just something else. Certainly on a different level of customer service that equates to crap that their company color matches on how they treat customers.  Mind you, this courier service is not cheap and trusted enough to handle something of grade and value.  But yet, out the window, goes the service and trust built in many years.  Easily a waste.

#UPS you suck.  Did your team member realize that my item on hand was sent by the one and only grading company, it is post graded and now of greater value and decided to keep it?  Was the driver a collector and sniffed my item to keep?  In case you can't tell, I am now stooping low to the level of your crappy customer service.  This way maybe you would give me a truthful answer?

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Throwback 10 years ago

Was looking through my digital library of endless pics and I happen to stumble upon photos of our first San Francisco road trip.


Back then, I already have my DSLR and it gave me that feeling that with such an advanced camera, it would yield images that would be close to works of art, fit to be displayed in a museum. Strutting my camera all over the city, as if I'm a professional.

SF Thing

I'm not saying that they were bad. They were decent. But it would have been way better and closer to my present standards if I would have taken the time to at least learn the basics back then.


And looking through the properties of each photo, I had no idea back then how I was adjusting my cameras settings. On the bright side, at least I was not using our point and shoot.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cheap paradise

 Amazon is our go-to [virtual] place when it comes to books. And I guess 80% of people for that matter.

 But no matter how convenient online shopping can be, you still need that feeling of being able to touch the thing you've been longing to buy, to see it in person and gauge how big/tiny or what material it's made of, before you eventually decide whether your hard earned penny is really worth spending on it.


 A few months ago, we happen to stumble upon Book Off. We've been ignoring this place for the  longest time. It's a Japanese chain store that sells mostly pre-owned items. Whether it's DVD, electronics, toys and even instruments. But they carry mostly books which was the next best thing besides Amazon, as I mentioned.

 Zion, Prime Grill, K-Bbq, Kura, Somi-Somi, Mini Cooper, Bonchon, H-Mart, Murakai, Costco Business and etc. We have added Book Off on our long list of places to go in Clairemont as another "excuse" to drive up. In fact, the drive does not matter when most of the things or stores we like are all located in one place. And it's a soiree of our so-called cheap paradise.

Address: 4240 Kearny Mesa Rd #128 San Diego CA 92111
Website: BookOff

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Manna (Po) Bbq

Our one and only AYCE (All You Can Eat) Korean Bbq place in the south, closest to us would be Manna by Southwestern College. It's been years since we last came here and this was the second time. It was not impressive on our first visit considering that a lot of people we know have been raving about it.

Manna Korean Bbq

I may not be the best critic when it comes to Korean Bbq, but we've had our fair share of places we've eaten at. And by far, Manna [East Lake] is at the bottom of our list. The only reason we went this time was because I wanted meat and I insisted we go despite Anna's warnings of possible disappointment.  She even added we might as well drive over to Clairemont I really want good meat.  But I wanted to give this place another chance and see if there might be any redeeming factor.

Manna Korean Bbq

I was mistaken.

It was a Saturday and normally, K-Bbq restaurants have premium prices on weekends, even during lunch time. Given that, even the cheapskate in me was willing to fork out that much $. Beef brisket is a staple and a popular favorite on our K-Bbq table anywhere we go. But this time, it was a disappointment. What was supposedly described as thin on the menu was thickly cut and naturally became chewy when cooked. Since I was being generous on that day, I ordered another plate of it thinking maybe the first plate I was handed was a fluke. 

But fluke it all was.

Manna Korean Bbq

A2 tier Menu

The rest of the meat were ok.  So-so. But then again, I'd rather drive and be satisfied with the food I eat with  the money I pay for. I would only consider coming back a third (and last) time just because I'd want to go with my food buddies and be able to criticize and prove that Manna should be, and stay for that matter, at the bottom of our list.

Price: 2 out of 5 ($25 per person/lowest tier)
Customer Service: 3.5 out of 5. We had to call somebody to have our grill replaced all the time compared to most of the places we've been to. It's good they have a "ringer" if we need anything instead of waiting for a staff member to pass by.
Food: 3 out of 5. Quality of the meat is as not a good considering their price against other better places we've been to.
Parking: 4  out of 5. There were a lot of parking space. However, even our Mini barely fit in the slot. You'd see a lot of SUV taking up two spots and not judge them.

Address:  724 Otay Lakes Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91910 b/t H St and Canyon Dr.
Website: Manna Korean Bbq