Sunday, November 01, 2009

First Glimpse

(Caramel Apples that they gave out at work.)

Halloween is the only day of the year that kids get to scare people and get a treat in return. We did not buy any candies nor costumes and did not really care for all the stuff that's about to happen. But instead, we we're all hyped up and ready to go to see our baby.

We had an appointment @5pm for a 4D ultrasound. When we arrived, we're the only clients, probably because it was Halloween. Took the tech a while to get everything set up but the wait was worth it.

We're so happy to see our baby for the first time, even though we get to go for our monthly ultrasound in our OB (and we didn't wanna know the baby's gender).

The baby was asleep for a couple of minutes and kept covering it's face with both of its feet and hands. When it finally woke up, it gave us a couple of yawns and smiles. It was so cute.

For now, we just have to settle with the constant quickening in Anna's tummy and have that memory of the first glimpse of our baby.

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