Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Facebook and Instagram is littered with these photos. I'm guilty of this but can't help but wonder how some people can dedicate a few minutes every single day just to take pictures of themselves.

Please refrain from using any selfie sticks during the convention @happymommyadi #sdcc #comiccon #sandiego #hasbro #yotsuba #noselfies

When I look at the mirror after waking up,thats enough for me to know how I look like. But posting it on social media is just too much. I guess there's people out there who just can't wait to see that particular person's selfie for that day.


Sure we have our own thing that we do and like. Photos of pets, food and places would be an abundance with all my FB friends. But come on, your selfies flooding my feed every single day. And mind you, it's not just one photo, but several, as in several ANGLES. I know,the left side of your face does not compliment you as much as your right side. As a good friend, these are several things that I have to put up with.