Saturday, August 26, 2006

wedding fever

yep.. my thermoregulator's still registered on high. i have been back home in exactly a week now and i haven't really been out to anywhere except work. i still have this constant fixation to look at countless number of photos from my six week vacation that i still have on my hard drive waiting to be unloaded. and to top it all of, i just dreamt about our wedding... "the rainless" version. ay grabe na to.

oh, and to complete this entry, i just found out this neat function from photobucket where videos can be loaded..... ay, todo na talaga 'to! Lol.

Friday, August 04, 2006

just married!

well, it's actually been more than a week past the big day but still feels like it was just yesterday :) ganon pala yun, hehehe! they say rainshower on a special day means blessings. and if it so, then brian and i were blessed to the fullest on our wedding day!! we definitely take blessings coming in from all sort... lalo na kung bagyo pa yan :) july 25th was when typhoon glenda decided to join in the celebration and so the weather was really MAD! part of the reason why while inside my bridal car, i was in panic mode. thinking no people will come and brave the floods and crazy rains. but surprise, surprise! we've alotted for 150 people and 128 showed up! certainly not bad for a heavily pouring day :) this is one of those rare times when you know that people you care about really care for you as well. ian and i wholeheartedly appreciate everybody's presence. joining in the fun and having a good time themselves on a very challenging road trip to fernwood gardens to celebrate our union in God's home meant more than what words can ever describe. we definitely felt so loved and special having everyone around.

here's to share more about our day:
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