Sunday, July 26, 2009

Frenzied Friday

My third day at the Con. And it was no different from the previous days. Same old parking, same old crowd, same old stuff to see, but a whole new experience.

Same routine as we did on Thursday but now, I was there as early as 6:30. And I was able to get a good parking spot, just beside the Convention Center. People were just rushing to get inside and trying to get ahead of all the lines.

The next thing I know, I was sitting down, probably one of the first 100 people in line. I was sooooo happy that finally, I'd be able to get inside really early. But then again , something's wrong here.

After 2 hours, the line moved forward but we're heading towards one of the ballrooms. Ok, it's confirmed, I'm attending one of the programs. But which one? I sat comfortably on the 4th row and just waited what's in store.

And then I heard one of the attendees on my right said that it's Stargate Universe. I'm familiar with the show and yet I haven't seen even an episode of it's franchise. Oh well, I waited 2 freakin hours in line and I'm sitting on the 4th row. So i;m just gonna make the best out of this.

I was just there sitting for an hour before the program started. Then they showed a clip of the upcoming season of the series. Everyone was so excited and I was there having no clue at all. At least the cast were there, and I get to see celebrities.

I then headed downstairs to the exhibit hall. Place was packed, "again". So, I just went around, took pictures and headed off to pick up Anna from work and then went home. Another day at the con and another one for tomorrow.

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