Sunday, November 05, 2017

To call our own

We bought our very own domain name in a twisted way since we can't buy one under our own name which costs premium at $900 not including the annual fee. And we don't want the .net because we don't want to look like we can't afford the proper internet .com domain LOL.

Alas was born.

I had a hard time trying to type in the internet address and in all honesty, it definitely is really confusing.

Another thing is, I don't want any of those flash media advertisements on the side which makes the pages load really slow, especially when I'm on my mobile phone, in the middle of some interstate freeway and there's only either wheat fields or endless sand dunes everywhere you look. Clicking on that "Free tutorial on how to do tiling in 5 easy steps" would not be as interesting if I was a stranger reading this blog.

(Unless, 50 readers demands me to put any tutorial videos, then that would be a different story)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Bats vs Sabers

We're not as creative when it comes to costumes. Our idea for a Halloween outfit normally comes from a mall or Amazon. Convenient, easy and 0% creativity. Don't get me wrong. When it comes to the art department, I would consider Anna as top of the class. It's me that always convinces her that the store would be the wisest decision.

Goku x #baymax @breehive #happyandadi #mommyinlove #sdcc #sdcc2015 #comiccon #comiccon2015 #goku #songoku
Goku costume at SDCC

Considering we love to go to Comic-con, which is the biggest venue in North America when it comes to cosplay/costume. I would at least be inspired to create the perfect costume for our kids. But as a good parent, I do let my kids explore their minds and have a hand on the aesthetics of their wardrobe. And it usually does not end well.

We dont actually need the baby supplies, we needed a space helmet and a spaceship @happymommyadi #playtime #kidsplay #spacetraveler #imagination #aliens

Easy to do costumes for halloween: 1.Kargador (baggage carrier) @happymommyadi #holloweencostumes #kidsplay #kidscostumes #costumeideas

So this year. I had to go with the plan that works. The store came to the rescue. But at the last minute, Anna came up with a great idea for Adi. With only 3 days left, we had to come up with certain items. Walking dead is the platform, and Adi would be as Neegan. It was perfect! And I thought that Adi would be able to go to next years Comic-con wearing the same outfit. But getting the tickets would be first priority and that's a whole different story.

Happy came as Rey (Star Wars) and that was a last minute change. Luckily, that character was an easy find. We're surprised not a lot of kids were in any Walking Dead costumes. Maybe because of the violence associated with the series. And again having Adi as your kid would make Neegan seem like a puppy.