Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Biggest scam in boxing

Pacman's last fight with Marquez was indeed controversial, and last night's fight was not much less and totally wrong in all aspects. It ended at full 12th round with a given ending that Pacman will take home the bacon.

But I almost fell off my seat after a split decision was announced. All who watched saw what happened-- every fan, analyst and sane person would not agree with the decision made. Hell, even Bradley, as underdog that he is, was not even sure why he won. We we're all robbed off with eyes wide open!

Not enough text votes for Manny.

If my theory serves me right, I have Jessica to blame! Hehehe!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's just two weeks away. Really excited and yet hating it at the same time. The long line is what really upsets me and 99.9% of the attendees.

Too many exclusives this year that would definitely make my wallet wish that it never existed in the first place.

All my photo gears are set but I'm missing a GoPro camera to make this year's experience a bit more interesting. For now, I have to settle with Anna's Nikon J1 for the video part of my coverage.

I also didn't get the chance to grab this years preview night. But no worries, I'm not really missing out on anything.

Gotta wake up early, not because of traffic but the long lines. Oh Comic Con, the things that I love to hate.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mickeys crib


It's our first time going to Disneyland with Happy. Not just downtown, but in the park itself.

Disneyland 2012

I think we were more excited than her. She loves the place so much that every time she see's the Disney castle on tv, she'd shout of excitement and try to get our attention. Which made it more difficult for us not to bring her in there.

Disneyland 2012

The only cons would be that she's still too young and most likely wouldn't remember this day later on. Oh but who cares. The sight of how fast her face lit up at the very moment we set foot in there was already priceless.

Disneyland 2012

I took as much photos and videos as possible. That would at least give her a chance once she's all grown up and look back.

Disneyland 2012

We're definitely be coming back soon... since we bought 2fer tickets-- summer park perks HA!

Disneyland 2012

Disneyland 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Madcon's Beggin caught my senses way back. Very catchy and has that groovy feel to it that once you hear it, you'd automatically dance to it.

And while watching American Idol last night, Phillip Phillips made a very good rendition of the song. I'm sorry Jessica, but he has my vote on this one.

Friday, May 04, 2012

And let there be fire

 After reading this blog I felt a bit guilty of how we live our lives. I'm not saying that I totally agree with the guy, but he does make sense. Money is indeed the root of everything (pretty much!) and like it or not, we do let it control our lives.

But enough of the serious talk.  I'm here to talk about our latest fancy.  With which I am going totally the opposite to make a hypocrite out of me after reading the mentioned blog. Hehehehe!!! Anyways, I finally pulled the trigger on Amazon's Kindle Fire. It was Anna's birthday a few days ago and since Mothers Day is coming around the corner as well, might as well give her another gadget that would be obsolete in a year or so (hammer my head, please).

Kindle Fire

The reason for the purchase was because Happy took over the Ipad which she now uses to watch her ABC's, shapes, colors, numbers, the whole world, blah, blah, blah... in Youtube.

I find Kindle very handy and nifty. You can prctically put it in a small bag or even a pocket and walk away. Don't get me wrong, the Ipad is more superior in most aspects when compared to Kindle and yes we do have our handy Iphones, but the small "K" has that portability into mind.

Kindle Fire  Kindle Fire

We've just tried it for a few minutes last night have yet to see how it goes and perform. It could be that sometimes bigger is not necessarily always better and smaller ones maybe so-so. So i'll cut the mid-size a slack.  Not too much, not much less.  Here's to hoping it's just about right.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's one of those days we've decided to go for a road trip. We've had our eyes set out to Arizona and made plans a week ahead. We wanted to go further than Yuma, but the next best and closest place is Sonoma which is five hours away on a straight drive. But with Anna in her queasy first trimester on a long drive plus the heatwave, is probably not a good idea. So I scratched Sonoma.

Road to Yuma

Trips such as this should be well planned and organized. That's according to my wife. Not me. I'd rather have everyone hop in and just go for the long ride. About to venture the unknown. On the contrary, Anna hates it whenever I'm in the mood for this sort of spontaneity. But we still go, nonetheless.

Road to Yuma

Anyways, what's there to see in Yuma? There's the occasional small towns with narrow roads. On the way was nothing really interesting. Some greens but really, hardly any vegetation. Occasional mountain ranges and a LOT of barren desert wasteland on the outskirts of the city.

Road to Yuma

So why go there? Because, it's Arizona. Another state. Closest to San Diego. Why not?

Road to Yuma

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Now on 3d

I told myself ever since not to jump to any bandwagon nor follow whatever is the latest trend. But yesterday I caved in.

It started two weeks ago, and I have to blame, when I saw an article in Yahoo. It says now is the right time to purchase a new TV since retailers are liquidating last years inventory.


And I had to weigh in all the factors:

1. Everything online must be real/true? Right?
2. Our newest tv is 2 years old.
3. Trend. That means now.
4. Me? I'm a consumer. So that means they're telling me to buy.
5. Movie that pops out of your tv while wearing glasses. Implying that you're a geek. And that's m. Again.


Pretty convincing. Take our good earned money you lousy electronics retail giant. Yep, that's you Bestbuy. And I won't be coming back............ Until I decide that we need another one.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kony 2012

This was all over the net. See for yourself and help support the movement.

Monday, March 05, 2012


Anna suddenly felt weak and started throwing up. Clearly a bad case of food poisoning. I called 911. It took about five minutes for the paramedics respond. I didn't want it to go to a point that we had to call them and maybe just take Anna to the hospital by myself but I guess she already panicked that she can barely stand up needing more assistance.

911 guys hauling Anna to Chula   Finally!!! Now to find a parking spot @happyanna

Monday, February 20, 2012


An app that would totally turn things around for me and Anna.

After acquiring all the expensive camera gear, not to mention heavy, I am now relying on my phone to take photos and upload them through flickr and facebook minus photoshop and my desktop. Sweet and nifty.  Very convenient and less hassle in my part.

But quality had to go to give way to convenience. And that's one huge sacrifice i had to burden knowing I may want printouts later on.  Perhaps, I'm just hit by the bug and just waiting for the right kick to start on my heavy and bulky camera kits again.

Seriously my little princess we need to go to bed... It's 10:30pm!!!  @breehiveFace time with my tiny bruha! @breehiveGoing to be a man in a few minutes @happyanna Choco strawberry crepe with vanilla ice cream and mexican wedding cookies

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We got robbed.... Again


A robber toddler at it's best.  If you're a parent and you have a tot, this post is for your and I.  After work last night we had to go to Target to run some errands. Out of nowhere, this tricycle appeared and naturally of course, the little store-aisle-robber i had in tow had to stop and hop on it. Armed with cuteness combined with hugs and kisses and never ending 'I love you's'. Of course, needless to say we gave in just as easily as a bug would to a flare.


The moment i hit the garage and parked, she insisted on getting her new "pike" as she calls it. She even "helped out" in assembling it. Here's to hoping and wishing next errand trip would be just be mommy and daddy............... Not!  Just look at that stare below.  'nuff said.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aling Nene

Along Osmena Highway
Aling Nene

 They have one of the best pork barbeque in the Metro. We've been going to this place since I was Happy's age. I didn't truly realize how good this place was until late college years on my way home, I'd stop by and get about half a dozen of pork barbeque.

Pork Barbecue
Aling Nene

Good food
Cheap and affordable
Huge selection of native Filipino dishes

Paksiw na Lechon
Aling Nene

Terrible parking lot
Beside a main thoroughfare
Too much smoke coming from the grill

Pork Liempo
Aling Nene

Recommendation: Pork barbecue is their best seller. The rest are average.

Aling Nene

So if you happen to pass by Osmena Highway, drop by this place and have a taste.

Taste: $$$
Price: $$$
Amenities: $$ (parking and seats)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Blood Compact Site

 This was again one of our "gung-ho" trips that we decided to take at the very last minute. No plans, no definite itenerary and no clue to where we're going to-- priceless! Needless to say, I love this kind of trips since the chance of us going is really close to happening.

Baclayon Church
IMG_4634 Bohol

  A well-planned trip usually don't materialize... or at least in our case, that is.

Tagbilaran City
Tagbilran City

 But this impromptu trip back fired on us, no doubt. We hated the UNREASONABLY pricey hotel. Our rooms did have a nice view of the Tagbilaran City and Panglao Island. But beyond that, you can consider it next to nothing. The rooms had this distinct smell and felt muggy. The tasteless food were definitely inexplanably expensive. And to eat somewhere decent or shop, the local ride will cost an arm and a leg. Only upside were the pool that we practically had to ourselves and the good massage next door.

 Now onto the tour.

Virgin Island

We went to several historical sites and interesting places we grew up seeing in books or calendars... And boy we kid you not. Seeing it up close and personal was well worth the time and effort ...ok, even the heat! Glad to have experienced all these with our two-year old.

Chocolate Hills
Choco Hills

Loboc River Cruise
River Cruise

Hinagdanan Cave
Hinagdanan Cave

Loboc Man-Made Forest
Loboc Man made Forest

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vietnam or bust


And it's a bust. Next time, read the fine print.

We had everything planned for and our hearts were set out to go to Ho Chi Minh City. But when I called PAL to book our flight, the dates we wanted were not part of the promo AND...was three times the price!


I had no other choice but to look for another place to see and Bohol was easily our next choice. Not only it's a local spot, but it was the next best place to visit. Booking was a swift and so off we went.


We had the slightest idea and didn't know what to expect. But that was the fun part. And since we got our flight at PAL, we might as well let them book our hotel too. Wrong move. The hotel's situated on a mountain. Don't get me wrong, we had a very nice view of the ocean and the entire town but that's not all what we went there for.


We had to fork out 500 pesos for a ride to the beach... and practically everywhere else, for a one way trip. To sum it up, everything came out to be expensivo since there were many spots to see in Bohol that are strategically sparced out. It was however, well worth seeing. Two thunbs up Bohol!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Happy 2nd birthday Pip

We had simple day. It was just the three of us.

Walking back home to that building on the right... Para gutom ulit pag uwi LOL

We decided to walk to Kabisera and celebrate Happy's special day there. Food was great and too much for the three of us.

Dinakdakan, crispy kangkong & ukoy, tortang talong with crab meat & bistek!!! burp...

We both found it so convenient living in the Metro since everything is pretty much a few meters away, two more tumblings and you're at the mall. Only downside was the laundry that had to be done in Laguna which was about 2 hours away during the day. If we had the capital, we'd run laundry business at the condo.

Crispy Kangkong and Ukoy
Crispy kangkong and ukoy

Tortang talong with crab meat

Pinoy Bistek
Pinoy bistek