Sunday, March 09, 2008

5 Things

Kahiya. I've been soo out of the blog world too long that I didn't even notice that good friend Yevka had tagged me since Feb. LOL. Well, I have a very good excuse for not being in the scene-- the big MOVE's finally happened! Yes. We now have a small, cozy place we can temporarily (since it's an apartment) call our own :) I am officially a wife! Well let me save the rest of the story and everything else in a different post. Meantime, let me do this long overdue tag from Yevka

5 things found in my bag
- 2 cellphones
- 1 wallet and 1 wristlet
- Kikay kit
- car and house keys
- badge for work

5 things found in my wallet
- ID's
- 3 debit cards and 1 credit card... i prefer not to have cash
- discount cards to some of my favorite stores
- tiny rosary and novena booklet from my sisters
- hubby's photo

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
- read more
- go back to the gym. i am seriously wasting my membership.. maybe i can pull the husband one of these days :)
- travel more with my husband
- own a house
- spend a day at a spa

5 things I’m currently into
- shopping for our new place... it's a tedious task but it's been fun doing it together with my hubby
- Contemporary furnishings
- Constant decluttering... well it's mostly the husband doing this lately
- oooohh... this gourmet tinapa and tuyo i always get from Blue Kitchen in Rockwell and of course my Bibimbap!
- purging my 2004 files at home and at work.

5 people to tag
no one in particular.... if you've been by, snag it away baby!