Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technical difficulties

If it wasn't for Anna, we almost lost all our entries in this blog. She was able to salvage and put everything back to basic except for the comments :( She's still working on the layout. So, I'm standing by to see how it would look like next time.
Anyways, Happy's more than 2 months old now. And is getting bigger by the day.

I bought Anna her Kindle as an advance birthday gift. She's been wanting one for sooooo long.
We got our tax returns. But eventually went to all our bills.
And I bought a much needed upgrade for my XSI and Alpha to keep them "pogi".


j. said...

hey anna and happy!yes you too brian.

happy 2nd month on earth!

can i ask how much ang Kindle sa US of A?i have yet to see one here.

fab cams.

wat happened to the blog btw?

Unknown said...

Hi Jac!
Bri got the Kindle from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Amazons-Original-Wireless-generation/dp/B000FI73MA

I'm really enjoying it, hehe!

Pesteng blog refused to show comments in the beginning. Then I tried to tweak it one time and ended up erasing the original template. Don't ask me why I didn't save a copy, LOL! I'm still working on it right now and hopefully be able to come up with a better temp than this basic one :)

j. said...

kindle would be perfect for me,coz were always moving around.sad to leave books.so yes,love it.lucky ana!happy early birthday!

happy looks so adorable.ganda mga shots and wardrobes.hehe.glad to see you're all enjoying each other's company.hehe.

thanks anna!nice to see you kindle.hehe.