Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jack O Lantern

This is our first time making one. We were at Bates Nut Farm a few days back, and pumpkin cost $6 each. Yup, for something that you'd carve, leave it at the lawn and thrown after Halloween. Uh-uh, I'm just there for the pictures then.

2 days after, we headed to Target to buy stuff. Low and behold, pumpkins were $1.50 each. I can deal with that.

Happy Halloween @happymommyadi #lovehalloween #halloween #playtime #happy
Happy's first Jack O'lantern was a successful joint project of me and @breehive... Pahirap ng pahirap request ha!

Anna and Happy (for only 5 minutes) went on carving the thing. It turned out great.

Same day, I decided to make pork buns (siopao asado). That one turned out great too. Posted it on Facebook and for some reason, a lot of people did ask for the recipe. What's up with that? It was tedious to make, but readily available on any Asian grocery or Filipino fast food chains.

My very first pork asado #siopao turned quite good according to my fans  all 18 mini bums going, going gone! @breehive #happy #adi #mommyinlove
What's for lunch?: Homemade pork buns (siopao asado) @happymommyadi #filipinocuisine #homecooking #foodie #foodporn

Maybe it's the fact that those sold on the supermarket are freakin' expensive like that $6 pumpkins huh? Plus it's better making your own, at least you know what's in it and not some unknown meat.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I had to send a video greeting for Lola's birthday and my editing tool was the iMovie for MAC. Me being me, did not bother to do the tutorial, but everyone does the same thing (right?).

Made a simple video greeting. But then had to do the trailer maker, which was fun. Here it is.

Too bad we had to scrap this and go for the more traditional video

Thursday, October 10, 2013

about time

San Diego's decision to expand it's convention center has been the focus of every years SD Comic-Con. And in the last five years, it's organizers threatened to move to another city unless they expand it's annual site/venue.

Time and time again, the organizers had to device several strategic options to accommodate the ever growing demand for space. It would be disastrous in my part if they move since it would mean spending more on my end to go to Anaheim.

My prayers along with several hundreds or even thousands of San Diegan's prayers have been answered today. Here's a short clip of the proposed expansion plan

Here's the article:
San Diego's Convention Center