Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Facebook and Instagram is littered with these photos. I'm guilty of this but can't help but wonder how some people can dedicate a few minutes every single day just to take pictures of themselves.

Please refrain from using any selfie sticks during the convention @happymommyadi #sdcc #comiccon #sandiego #hasbro #yotsuba #noselfies

When I look at the mirror after waking up,thats enough for me to know how I look like. But posting it on social media is just too much. I guess there's people out there who just can't wait to see that particular person's selfie for that day.


Sure we have our own thing that we do and like. Photos of pets, food and places would be an abundance with all my FB friends. But come on, your selfies flooding my feed every single day. And mind you, it's not just one photo, but several, as in several ANGLES. I know,the left side of your face does not compliment you as much as your right side. As a good friend, these are several things that I have to put up with.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apex Fun Run

Happy is not even halfway through her school year and we're already packed with events in her school. Fundraising events are the tough one's since she expects us to be there.

There's a fun run coming next week, and getting pledges for her would be tough. She's happy already with a $15 pledge from me

Here's the link

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Out in the sun

I was supposed to be on this weekend. Can't say lucky since I'm still on light duty because of my shoulder injury. But then, this is my consolation for that. Too bad the kids were still sick. They would have loved this place.

There's a lot of food, but not our typical "pinoy" food. Weather was nice, but I hate the sun. If it was overcast, it would have been a totally different story.

We had to leave early, Adi was having a high fever. Took a few photos. And that was it for us. Till the next party. Hoping for another one before the ICU Christmas party.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bored next to nothingness

Been off for the past 5 days now. Not because I'm on vacation, but a work related injury which I should have been discharged a week ago. Apparently, everything got worst prior to that and now I ended up calling sick 3x. Although it's a good off since I get to spend time with the two most annoying but adorable pest in my life, Happy and Adi. Loving every minute it, but the occasional kulit from Adi would be there once in a while.

Even at the very moment I'm writing this down, he decided I needed the company and maybe he should help himself with whatever is available within reach. Later today, LEGO's would litter the floor and I have to order him again to clean after himself.

So much to do and yet I'm scattered with whatever task that I should be doing. At least, this little one is here to entertain.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

SDCC: First day

We're sooooo ready for this. Me and Happy woke up early and prepared for our big day. She's still asking me where is her witch costume. I did want her to dress up but as someone else. Found a really good costume of Goku of Dragonball Z on Amazon and it won't be here 'til Friday.

I was threading on uncharted waters. I have never brought Happy with me by myself but always with Anna. I'm already expecting her to get bored by noon. But this dad is on a mission and have a few tricks up the sleeves.

Comic-con bound @happymommyadi #sdcc #stormtroopers #comiccon #funtime

When we got there, I told her that our goal for that day was to collect as much buttons as we can and it worked. We also went to several booths that interest her such as Hasbro's My Lil Pony, Bandai's Dragonball Z, LEGO etc.

Classmates @happymommyadi @amgbrion #sdcc #comiccon #funtime #sandiego
A veteran of Comic-con: Ate Amie

I even got her to fall in line in one of the booths for me for a good 2 hours. The only downside to this was, I wasn't able to take pictures as much.

Happy and 1Up

We had a blast even though the place was packed. Was a bit disappointed coz when I asked what she wanted, she told me that she likes Twilight Sparkle from the Hasbro booth, which we all know is always packed with scalpers.... Oooops I meant people.

I explained to her that we'd try on another day but since I had so much fun with her and she did not give me any problem that day, I'll buy her Princes Celestia from the Entertainment Earth booth instead. She's was neither sad nor happy about it, but she then realized that this is better than going home with nothing... smart kid.

Had to settle for Queen Celestia. #Hasbrobooth sucks. Cant get twilight sparkle for her @happymommyadi #mlp #mylilpony #toysrus #sdcc #comiccon #entertainmentearth

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

SDCC 2015

I'm still stoked up 'til now and I can't believe that we're still able to get a 4-day pass to this years Comic-con. We've been lucky so far and I just wish that it'll keep going this way. I did get a shot for preview night but opted not to. It was just a rip-off since it's like paying for a full day of Sunday for only 3 hours on Wednesday.

Someones excited to go to the con @happymommyadi #sdcc #comiccon #happyadi #funtime #sandiego

We went to Town and Country to pick up our badges which was a breeze. The only problem was the traffic going there. Happy was also with us, to save me the trouble of getting her a badge every single day.

Christmas in July. Look at that smile @happymommyadi #sdcc #comiccon #funtime #sandiego

Happy is definitely looking forward to this since she wants to dress up as an "evil witch" and those were her exact words.

Monday, June 22, 2015

too much selfies on our FB and IG feed

I guess we're one of those people who's either getting old or just plain irritated with all the selfie feeds on our social network.


I guess letting everyone know in your inner circle at social media how good (or bad) you look like that day is not as bad. But having bombard us with constant pics or even videos of yourself twice or even thrice a day is just way too much.


I love sweets, but i do get to a point that no matter how good it tastes like, i would somehow throw up once I ate too much.

Yes, you do change your angle, maybe look a little bit to the left so that your post would look different right? Wrong!!! I'm not usually affected by these menial acts. Don't get me wrong, I love reading FB and looking at IG, but I need  variety. Not you, looking in front of a mirror either the bathroom, gym or your room. It doesn't make a difference. That's still a selfie. A foodie, but instead of a picture of food, I have your face eating the food. Still a selfie. Or how about some new gadget? Yes you do that, but instead of giving us info about the thing, you have your face right beside it either using it or whatever you can think of as long as you have your face in the picture.


 I guess if you cant beat 'em, lets join 'em.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wednesday, June 03, 2015


This is just too cute to ignore. Ordered something on Amazon, and this was the first time we got this kind of promotion.

It's a minion decorated box. The kids were wonderin what the heck it was, thinkin it was something for them.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Things we never knew about you Joe

 I've never really understood what the hype is all about with Trader Joe's until maybe just three years ago. All this time, I look at their store as one of those specialty groceries boasting "out of the ordinary" food.

 I even tried to convince myself that Ralph's or even Walmart is a better alternative. But when you look closely to what you're eating, you'd soon realize that Joe's is the way to go. They have food which you may consider not 100% healthy but if you look at it closely, they have better selections, no doubt.

Back when hunting for these would give her this huge smile

 While I was trying to update myself about what's going on with the world, I came upon this article and I'm totally guilty that I did not know about most of these things either. I was even surprised that some of their products were popular in the Philippines such as the cookie butter above. It was so popular  that people back there would fork out as much as $10 per jar. 

Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies

 We regularly shop at TJ now. Anna love's their salad while I'm in it for the best one's, their desserts. We may fork out an extra dollar or two for an item but you get good tasting and high quality food. 

Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites

 I'm so lucky to even purchase one of their reusable bags a few years back. And we're using it up to now. Just shows how their products are well made.

 With most stores here in the US either closing (read some Fresh and Easy branches) or being taken over by big corporations, I wish that Trader Joe's would stay for a while all the way to my grand kids and so on without breaking the food quality or sacrificing food choices.  Kudos TJ!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Kula revolving sushi

Last time we've been to one like this was in LA a few years back. The first one we've been to was Genji-Greenhills back in PI.

They've been around in Cali, but most of their restaurants are located in LA. It's their soft opening and the line was an estimated 45 minute wait. I could just imagine what it's gonna be like on the grand. For me, it's another joint that serves sushi and maybe this is just a hype that San Diegans are clamoring about. Then they have a neon sign right by the door that says "$2.25 per plate". That made me think twice, just because the cheapskate in me kicked me in the nuts.

It's a lil on teh hi-tech side compared to the fancier one we've been to in LA. What i like about here is that they also serve ramen. You just order it through the screen. It's nothing fancy like in Tajima or Under Belly but a more straight forward one served in small portion.

There were three of us so we chose the booth but there's also a bar typically seen in Japanese restaurants.

Salmon skin roll

Garlic tuna steak

The concept is nothing new, but their technology is very innovative and practical. There's very little contact with the customer and staff anymore. Maybe the occasional buzz because you just want to ask what's the ingredients on a particular sushi and the checkout part where they would bring you your receipt.

Golden crunchy roll


And since the food goes around, it's practically in your face all the time. And if you're super hungry, you would just constantly grab every single plate that would fancy your palate. Next thing you know, you've already reached 10 plates. Good thing about this is, after 15, you get a prize. A small red ball with some novelty item inside. For us, it took 11 plates till we said quits. But we're so close, we had to stuff our bellies with four more.

Real crab meat

Seared scallop japanese mayo

Fried takoyaki

Philadelphia tempura roll

The choices for the desserts were very limited and a bit pricey. Correct me if I'm wrong but I did see some 2 scoops of ice cream for $2. I would just go to Walmart and grab me a Ben and Jerry's instead.


Crispy rice with spicy tuna

Price: 4 out of 5 ($2.25 per plate, except a few items that may range from $2.50 to $5)
Customer Service: 4.5 out of 5  
Food: 3.5 out of 5 (since it's going around in a belt, some items may have been there for more than 5 minutes)
Parking: 2 out of 5 (really bad, very limited specially during lunch and dinner hours)

Friday, January 23, 2015



The last day that we'd be able to go for Restaurant Week started on a lunch at The Boathouse Restaurant. 

 We had the Albacore Sandwich and  Mahi-Mahi. Im not much of a fish fan but $10 per meal is not something you can just ignore.

 Both meals are mediocre at best. Taste was so and so and the mahi-mahi was a bit overcooked. Again, for the price it's worth it. But i wont pay a dollar more for something that i can do better at home.

Ambiance: 7/10 (interior's outdated) We got good seats and a view
Taste: 6/10
Parking: 7/10
Price: 8/10 (SDRW), 6/10 (Reg price)

 Would we eat here again? Maybe on the next Restaurant Week. Would I recommend going here? No.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bug out

Blame it all to The Walking Dead and the recent Ebola outbreak, I had to re-evaluate and re-assemble our emergency stuff. We're half way done and most of our supplies are complete. I even got my dad to buy some too when he was here.

Our primary stash is ready to go and our back-ups are almost set. All we're missing now is zombie killing 4x4 truck and chainsaws. Besides that, we're ready to go.