Saturday, December 06, 2014

Imperial Beach

Did a photoshoot today with Sherri and family. The weather did cooperate and was great. Although I was hoping it would be a lil bit overcast and that would have made it perfect. Happy tagged along, but really bugged us mid way, insisting to play on the sand.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Happy is into Lalaloopsy now, but those things are expensive. Luckily, I was able to find a seller on Ebay that sells mini Lalaloopsies. They came all the way from China, loose and comes with almost 90% off for each figure.

When I got them at the mail, I hid them first and decided i'd give it to her one at a time as a reward. The first two figs I gave her, she did not recognized and ask why are they not in a box and ask who were they. I had no idea too, since they came as is and no sort of identification. I looked them up online and Happy said that each part seems like a different Lalaloopsy character.

We then dubbed these two as Holly 1 and 2.

I then took a picture of each and showed it to her pretending I'm looking them up online. She had the same look on her face trying to figure out who were these unknown Lalaloopsies. I'm now stuck with 8 other unidentifiable Lalaloopsies. It then occurred to me that she needed something to boost her Filipino vocabulary. What better way to incorporate it to her toys. Thus Kulalaloopsy was born aka kulasa.

We then told her that she's a foreigner from the Philippines that only speaks Tagalog and doesn't understand English at all. She needs to communicate to her in Tagalog for Kulasa to be able to play with the other Lalaloopsies.

Only three words came out of her. "Bakit ako Tagalog?".

Friday, July 25, 2014

SDCC 2014: Preview Night and Day 1

A few highlights to this years San Diego Comic-Con. Nothing has really changed. Same venue, almost the same vendors and the never ending same old lines.

Number of peeps also rose and navigating through the floors has somewhat more challenging every passing year.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Hasbro booth

Hasbro booth at SDCC 2014

New rules, same lines

 It's the 1st official day of Comic-con. I came in at 6:30AM thinking that it would be no problem getting in. I was sadly mistaken. Low and behold, there's a line to get in the building. I have the badge already, but that doesnt help.

 I was then pointed to a direction heading at the back of the building thinking, maybe this was a Hall H line since it looks like people were camping out. 

 And this was freaking 6:30AM!!!! WTH!!!

I'm like half a mile away from the front doors. Geezzz....

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lines sucks

I've been going to SDCC for years and it never fails when it comes to lines. If i have to complain or rant about something, this would be it.

 Back in college when I would enroll for a semester, i had to wake up really early (2am), leave at 3. And be at school at 6am. Be inline for a good 3-5 hours, depending on the mood of whomever is at the registrar, and if im lucky, be done with at least 2 transactions that would consist of maybe 5 or 6. And do everything all over again the next day.

I've been sitting here for a good 2 hours now. This is just the first unofficial day. I have 4 more to go.

SDCC 2014

It's preview night, but I'm already gearing up as early as 3AM. I had to, since i ask a few favors and the only possible way for me to be able to get this is by going at the convention center at 6:30 in the morning (9 hours earlier before the official opening of the con).

I had to pull a few strings this year since I'm so desperate.

I was supposed to sell my tickets, but had a change of heart. One thing is, I'm not as excited that i used to be. Oh well, as long as i have fun.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Andres Restaurant

I've been wanting to go to this place a long time. My co worker was the one that told me about it.

 It's Cuban and Puerto Rican Cusine. We haven't tried any authentic ones and since we havent had a decent restaurant eat out recently, might as well go for this.

This is how I like my menu. Simple and direct. No fuss and limited in a right way.
We came in on a Sunday at lunch, so i can't really tell whats for dinner.

 The ambiance is laid back. Very limited tables but that works to the customers advantage. The place doesnt feel like its pack and you dont have that feeling like youre in a can. 

 If you're in a hurry or really hungry, you wont like it here. They cook their food the moment you order them. And the Mofongo takes 20mins to make.

 Now off to the food. We ordered the Mofongo, Ropa Vieja, picadillo, ground beef empanada and palomilla. These came with beans and rice.

 An entree would range between $8-$13 and for us, it would be enough for two, considering that we order extra rice. Food was decent and a bit close to Filipino cooking. Was full of flavor and did stuffed us. We love the empanada, it was freshly made. You could tell by just the look of it.

 Overall, this is a place that i would come back but i wont eat here all the time. Maybe once a month. 

Food: 3.5/5
Customer Service: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Parking: 2/5

Solar Freakin Roadways

I'm more of a Kickstarter backer but today a project at Indiegogo caught my eye. This one makes a lot of sense, and now it makes me want an open driveway since our garage is enclosed and covered.

As of today, funding is almost doubled, and the more the merrier, right? I really wish this would push through. This is one of those things that would definitely benefit everyone of us. And since i have kids, I want them to live in a world that would look like the future that we imagined and not some barren, zombie infested and apocalyptic mutant laden landscape.

So please, every dollar counts. Lets support this and make the future freaking awesome and bright.