Saturday, April 15, 2006

sneak peek

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last time brian went to Njork's for the girls' first fitting session, he was able to take photos of my dress. my, my, it's half way done!!! last time i got to wear it was in january, when it was still all barren and plain. the beadings are now all over and i am just very happy with the results! as francis, miguel and i agreed upon, i went non-traditional with the color and chose an off-white dress, swarosvski crystals were used and liberally embellished to accentuate the lace patterned bodice. i specifically requested to give emphasis on the back and keep the front of it simple. here's bits and pieces of it. i'd bring the entire profile of my dress on supplier ratings entry after the wedding... but if you're a fellow w@wie bride scouting, then just holler and i'd give you access to it!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


definitely not wedding related but i haven't done this in so long so i'm giving in:)
here you go, c/o cousin-in-law rosa:

four jobs i've had in my life:
1. medical assistant to a very nice but super kuripot opthalmologist
2. ICU admin staff (full time to part time)
3. Nursing Educ. Dept. Admin staff (part time- soon.. in about two weeks)
4. a wife ...and a mom (soon??)

four films i can watch over and over again
1. deuce bigalow
2. one fine day

four places i have lived
1. binan, laguna
2. calamba, laguna
3. sta. rosa, laguna
4. san diego

four tv programs i love to watch
1. tfc shows
2. bubble gang
3. trading spaces
4. everybody loves raymond

four places i would have visited, if i had the money
1. back to niagara
2. bahamas
3. london to rome to florence to pisa to milan to venice to vienna to munich to berlin to amsterdam to paris (i know it's plenty but they're all in one continent, so i figured might as well).
4. amanpulo

four websites i visit daily
1. gmail
2. yahoo mail
3. my blog
4. weddings at work

four of my favorite foods
1. my mom's pinoy spaghetti
2. hans & harry's strudel
3. shrimp tempura maki
4. shrimp muishi

four places i would rather be
1. beside my husband
2. in a spa
3. in a beach with a book and chilled appletini
4. lulla land dreaming about my dad

four bloggers i am tagging
1. keith
2. tinggay
3. angie ni bizzi
4. other w@wie brides