Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Mama & Happy

The Minnie Cake

Very tiring Sunday morning. Happy's birthday was a success. A lot of people came although a few weren't able to make it.



A few inevitable mishaps here and there-- the party was suppose to start around 2pm but we we're not done frying lumpia which meant no one had taken a bath, yet except for Minnie mouse. The first guest arrived at 2:15 and started pouring from then on. The clown arrived at 2:30 and said she wont be able to stay for the full three hours since she has another event at 5pm. So she bargained for a shorter clown show but threw in additional face paint and Knicks knacks for all kids. My Xbox Dance Central game all of a sudden had a scratch so we had videoke instead which turned out ok.


I was only able to take a few pics since I got too busy taking care of so much stuff that i missed a lot of good photo ops. Guests we're calling me from left to right, asking me for things at the same I had to do a different task.

IMG_9531 IMG_9541 IMG_9614 IMG_9638 IMG_0149 IMG_9620

I now realized that I can't be an event planner. Darn, it's either too chaotic or I got overwhelmed with the huge turnout of guests!


But looking beyond all that tremendous blunders, there were also some good points. Kids had fun with Petals the clown. Cake was gorgeous even though it weighed around 20lbs. Cupcakes and cookies were a huge hit (Anna made them). Everyone adored the loot bags which was made by Mommy and an idea of Anna too.



The last of the guests left at 10pm and we stayed till 1am to clean up. Went to bed at 3:30 and woke up at 10am the next day but wjent back to sleep after that. Went out of bed at 2pm to eat but my whole body still ached. Too darn tired and even with the long sleep, I'm still yawning.



Thursday, January 06, 2011


One more night to go before Happy's birthday party. We're making cookies and cheese sticks. The main entree will be prepped up tomorrow.

Minnie Cookies

Birthday banner

Minnie cupcakes

Invites (front)
Invite details

Invites (back)
Invite back

Loot bags

The birthday cake
Cake by B

Saturday, January 01, 2011

lets start it right

It's 1-1-11. Woohooo!!! Happy new year. Im making breakfast right now, like I always do every weekends off. If it isn't obvious, I love cooking for the family. Plans? Hmmm... Go to Disney later on. Not to celebrate New Year, but to buy stuff for Happy's birthday.... Someone's turning one soon!

Manigong bagong taon!