Saturday, May 04, 2013

Just because?

When we bought our Mini. No one approached us immediately to ask if we need anything.

It was a totally different experience when we were at Toyota, Honda, Chrysler and Mazda dealers wherein the moment we pulled down to park, they were on our tails already.

Mini Cooper

With luxury cars, treatment with their clients is some sort of awkward but they also look at you more than a customer. I guess money can be a factor at that. If you don't have it, you're not supposed to be there.

But all these luxury come with perks. Whenever we drop by the dealer. We can have as much Starbucks coffee as we want. Complimentary car washes. And sometimes, if they had to trouble you for something, they even give you a full tank of gas.

Mini Cooper

To add these all up, they even sent us a goody bag of stuff. There's no turning back. Our eyes are looking towards that BMW series 1 Coupe.