Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

It's been a tradition that my dad would be here every year during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I'm working this Thursday and Friday. So I would be on the sidelines for this years Black Friday Sale.

Yesterday's leftovers.  My two âĪs missed out on Black Friday so we tried to catch up today.  Konti lang ang tao (unlike previous years) but still too tired afterwards. Shopping's outgrown me?

We were at Best Buy four days before the big sale and yet, people are all lined up already. Seriously lined up in tents with packed meals in this freezing weather....just to get doorbusters items.

We still went and bought not wanting to let items on sale just go to waste hehehe!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

bye cast

We're both glad that it's over. The x-ray findings showed that the bone growth turned out ok. And her arm is back to normal.

After weeks of having the cast on, we're not worried that they might do surgery. Hopefully this
would be the last.

Answered prayers!!! Cast x 2 weeks. Thank God no pin/surgery necessary. Fx should heal completely on its own. God is good. Always!  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Would there be a 4th?

I'm not saying that he shouldn't win. We may not be boxing analysts, but it sure seem that Pacman did have a hard time with Marquez. Would Mayweather see this as an oportunity or shy again and talk trash how puny and weak our Pacman is.

Sab nga ni mommy D... "Malaswa! Ang laswa, laswa!"

Again we support Manny all the way (there goes our $65 for PPV). Let's do a fourth match. And maybe, just maybe, people would be convinced.

Friday, November 11, 2011


One of those days that are special? Activities? Nope. Event? Nope. Happenings? Nope. So what's special then?


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

And we thought.....

After a week of wearing the elastic bandage Happy got a cast in place yesterday.


Back in the day in PI, we had to do our casts the old fashion way with plaster of Paris--yup those white things. And if u know what i'm talking about, you'd know that it takes forever to harden. Here it's different. Casts are made of fiberglass that you dip in water, mold and dries for a good 2-3 mins. And it even come in different colors too! We chose red since I have an idea how we'd make it look when we get home *wink*


Soon as we got home, right after she stepped out the van, she's all over the place again. Mind you, this is a little girl that has a fracture on her right distal humerus. She even banged the cast on the floor and said "look mommy, tok-tok", as if nothing's wrong.


Thank God she's young and will heal fast on it's own.