Sunday, April 25, 2010


I work in the ICU, and our stress level is often off the charts.
But this is not the case all the time. we do have our fair share of downtime
which gives us this window to stretch our limbs and relax. And maybe, have a little chit chat.

And when things really gets slow, this happens.

A Computer Mouse and an Automatic Stapler
Mouse Stapler

The fella who did this was just bored.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tito, Vic and Joey. Charlie's Angels. The red, white and blue. Three Stooges. Three kings. And a bunch of things that comes in threes.

Before we do something, we count to three. And most of the time, when two just won't cut it, we beg for three.

Aly, 3 months Aly, 3 months Aly, 3 months

Happy third month Aly! If we could only stop time, daddy and I will keep you as a baby. So what if you need constant attention. Or if I lost count on your diaper changes. Or if I have to get up at night to feed you. Or bring the entire house with us just so we have everything you need when we're out.

Pepper, Happy and Ooie Gigil face

We just cant get enough of that baby smell, the innocent look when you stare or that infectious laugh when you're playful. We're excited to hear you count one-two-three. But just hold it right there, no so fast! Let mommy and daddy enjoy you as a baby.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Then today, we went to BJ's Brew House for lunch. I've been telling Anna that we should go there for the longest time.

Ive been hearing about their famous deep dish pizza. And we weren't disappointed.

Our food took a while, but then the manager approached our table trying to apologize for the delay. To our surprise, whe took the Texas Style country fried chicken and our drinks off our tab. So we ended up paying for just the pizzza and pasta.

100th Post , Spring and a Facelift

Yay, 100th entry after 5 years! Hehe! After the comment section dilemma, finally this blog now have a new face to show for 2010. It's about time! It cost us all night, me tweaking the HTML and Bri playing Xbox behind me while occasionally giving me his input as I give this blog it's face lift. So how do you like the new look? Svelte? I thought so :)

Pacific Beach

Spring is here! My favorite season of the year for some reason seem to be so odd, temperature-wise. I still miss the nice cool wind and not feeling the harsh sun even when I'm out all day. I've been bugging Bri to take us out for a walk and enjoy the weather outside. So after checking the widget on my phone the night before, he took us out to Pacific Beach to celebrate Easter. Naturally, as a new mom, new things I get to do with Happy excites me. There are just so many "firsts" I don't want to miss. Thank God for giving me a husband who's addicted to capturing my "mommy moments" with our little one who's growing up so fast.

Pacific Beach Pacific Beach
Pacific Beach Pacific Beach
Pacific Beach

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Let's talk

How I wish we had the same technology of today back when we we're babies.

We try to capture every little cute moment that Happy makes. And every time she's in the mood for a conversation, we try to capture it on video