Thursday, April 09, 2015

Things we never knew about you Joe

 I've never really understood what the hype is all about with Trader Joe's until maybe just three years ago. All this time, I look at their store as one of those specialty groceries boasting "out of the ordinary" food.

 I even tried to convince myself that Ralph's or even Walmart is a better alternative. But when you look closely to what you're eating, you'd soon realize that Joe's is the way to go. They have food which you may consider not 100% healthy but if you look at it closely, they have better selections, no doubt.

Back when hunting for these would give her this huge smile

 While I was trying to update myself about what's going on with the world, I came upon this article and I'm totally guilty that I did not know about most of these things either. I was even surprised that some of their products were popular in the Philippines such as the cookie butter above. It was so popular  that people back there would fork out as much as $10 per jar. 

Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies

 We regularly shop at TJ now. Anna love's their salad while I'm in it for the best one's, their desserts. We may fork out an extra dollar or two for an item but you get good tasting and high quality food. 

Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites

 I'm so lucky to even purchase one of their reusable bags a few years back. And we're using it up to now. Just shows how their products are well made.

 With most stores here in the US either closing (read some Fresh and Easy branches) or being taken over by big corporations, I wish that Trader Joe's would stay for a while all the way to my grand kids and so on without breaking the food quality or sacrificing food choices.  Kudos TJ!

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