Monday, June 22, 2015

too much selfies on our FB and IG feed

I guess we're one of those people who's either getting old or just plain irritated with all the selfie feeds on our social network.


I guess letting everyone know in your inner circle at social media how good (or bad) you look like that day is not as bad. But having bombard us with constant pics or even videos of yourself twice or even thrice a day is just way too much.


I love sweets, but i do get to a point that no matter how good it tastes like, i would somehow throw up once I ate too much.

Yes, you do change your angle, maybe look a little bit to the left so that your post would look different right? Wrong!!! I'm not usually affected by these menial acts. Don't get me wrong, I love reading FB and looking at IG, but I need  variety. Not you, looking in front of a mirror either the bathroom, gym or your room. It doesn't make a difference. That's still a selfie. A foodie, but instead of a picture of food, I have your face eating the food. Still a selfie. Or how about some new gadget? Yes you do that, but instead of giving us info about the thing, you have your face right beside it either using it or whatever you can think of as long as you have your face in the picture.


 I guess if you cant beat 'em, lets join 'em.


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