Monday, November 29, 2010

Lazy Monday

Anna requested to be off today since we're supposed to go to the zoo. But we didn't have enough time to finish all the things to do since we still have to return some of the stuff that we bought last Black Friday sale, buy some more "pasalubong" and take care of some papers/documents to name a few.

Cabazon Outlet


My dad is leaving in a few days. He stayed a bit longer this time-- 10 days. It seems like he had fun even if most of our plan for his stay didn't pushed through. It's been really cold outside that's why I couldn't think of places to go. We've been to most of the malls and outlets. Museums and landmarks doesn't strike his fancy.

Barona Buffet


But he loves to eat so we've also been to most of the restaurants and buffets that SD has to offer. Ive cooked a dozen meals and bought all sorts of food from the grocery. Right now, I've ran out of ideas to do.

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