Sunday, February 11, 2007


One of the best wedding gifts we ever got came from tita/ninang celia. this trip was no surprise to me and honey since this has been discussed way back in december. it's fine to kill the suprise when it comes to gifts such as this, hehe! it was supposed to be a honeymoon gift but turned out to be a family trip of 16 of us! it was fun! fun! fun! thailand weather was not very inviting the entire time we were there. though there were no rains, the sun was madly burning us every single day! now, if you happen to see the photos, pardon the icky hair and washed out shots... the sun was really casting harsh and hard! it was hotter and drier than manila weather. nonetheless, we got to see many places and ate as much thai food (spices and all) that we can ever consume in 5 straight days! the food was great. it was true when tita celia said that it gets better as the trip moves on. although the first restaurant included in our itinerary for dinner sent two of our men in the family to the bathroom minutes after their meal! i guess the spices got to tito mau and alex that quickly. tito mau (proving to be the tough guy that he is!) moved along with all the meals and was able to last the enitre five days of eating thai food. Alex got traumatized so he backed out and had kfc on the second or third day! hehe!

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