Thursday, February 15, 2007

belated happy v-day!

DSC01199.JPGso how did it go for me and hubby?
well, valentine's day was just another regular day spent at work (for me) while husband is roaming around the streets of hong kong, with mama and titas in tow, for some pre-chinese new year spree. the thought of actually joining them came across me since it will be a straight flight for me coming out of san diego. however, when i searched for ticket prices, there were nothing below a thousand grand! certainly not worth the money and short time to spend. had the idea pushed through, i know i'm gonna beat my own impromptu travel record again in less than a month! hehehe. no way. i'll just reminisce my hong kong moments with hubby in flickr. so, today, day after valentine's, i'm stuck here at home. i had to miss work since the flu has finally caught me.. and here i am thinking i did good not getting sick this flu season... guess i spoke too soon.

so how was my v-day in general? so-so. i'm still having a date with gallons of fluid and romancing my pbook til now.

hope ya'll had a great one... or at least better than mine :)

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