Sunday, February 25, 2007

my big fat boy

Hong Kong
is celebrating his 29th birthday today!

since it's your 29th birthday, i'll give you my 29 reasons (in no particular order) why i love you so much because...
1. you're so funny you make me laugh so hard especially on most unexpected times
2. you feed me well
3. you love to go places i'd love to see
4. you taught me that the wipers on my windshield can be changed
5. you love my pork sinigang, chicken pork adobo and bicol express
6. you always smell sooo good i can just inhale you all day
7. you laugh at my silliest jokes
8. your massages are to die for
9. you give me hope when everything else seem to fail
10. you never ran out of answers to all my questions
11. you'd get up first and make me breakfast
12. you'll find your way out in the middle of mad edsa traffic just to find me a decent bathroom
13. you taught me how to eat and loooove crabs!
14. you always make sure that i pack well and travel light
15. you don't get mad when i wake you up early in the morning just to annoy you
16. you're the only one i know who can come up with the silliest idea and call it "the solution"
17. you amaze me when you elaborate on things so much that i lose track of my own train of thought
18. you're my nurse when i need one
19. you seem to know a lot of the things i don't know
20. you're so huggable na nakakagigil!
21. you never fail to buy me my pasalubongs
22. you're soo afraid of heights that won't leave my side
23. we both prayed for the ozone layer back in highschool (nerd!)
24. you took "everything under the sun" literally ..bwahahaha!
25. you make me feel like i'm the sexiest woman alive! (bawal tumawa!)
26. you still cry whenever i leave (shhh... secret lang natin yan)
27. you will never ran out of kwento
28. you'd call me right away when you dreamt of something so you won't forget the story in it
29. now i know that you will never pass up on any playstation series just to keep playing tekken with me!

you know i can go on and on and on but i'd stop here and continue on next year :)
i love you! i love you! i love you! kisses and hugssss to you my big fat boy! happy, happy birthday!!

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