Friday, February 16, 2007

my current lust

ok it's past midnight and i woke with this repeated noise coming out from my mobile phone... it's annoyingly one after the other! i guess roaming and SMS traffic is terrible in hong kong. anyways, i'm still feverish at the moment and i'm scared that my cough might be showing signs of PNA. yikes! i better walk-in to see the doc tomorrow and get myself checked.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting now i'm having a difficult time going back to sleep. there are so many thoughts clamored in my head right now. take this camera for instance. i've been lusting over this Canon 400D SLR for the last 3 weeks or so. thinking about it constantly makes it to my i want list for this year! i even drove to Costco and Circuit City for local pricing and to get the feel of it with both of my hands. now, if you know me well, you'd know that i don't usually drive to a store after work hours unless i absolutely have to. i've read so many forums, comments, reviews all about canon and photography hoping to justify why i need it. i know i want it. no doubt about that!

am i actually gonna put it to use? definitely! most especially on our travels.

do i have the budget for it? yes... but not for the lens that i want it with. meantime, i can do with the regular one (18mm-55mm EF-S) that comes with the kit.

do i know how to use it? i'm a rookie in photography but i am a fast learner... especially in learning something that i really, reeeaally want.

do i want to be a pro photographer? no. i want to develop it as a hobby, though. but should people choose to pay me for shooting, then i'm no fool to say no (naks! as if! hahaha!).

what's wrong with the camera i have now? actually, mom owns the Sony that i always use (mom just wanted one to say she has a digicam but doesn't care if she knows how to use it or not... tsk! moms!). it's nice, white and sleek... but it's not mine! and the other Sony that hubby bought many, many years ago (it's soo old i can't even find a photo of it on-line, hehe!) is still trusty sans the bruises it has from being dropped so many times and the battery that rans out real fast! it's a conjugal property so i can call it mine but like i said, it's old.

so technically, i don't have one i can call mine. how sad is that? :(
i think i have just validated good reasons for this future purchase.


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