Friday, May 19, 2006

my sad-happy tickets

just before you all think the bride in me went away for good, i am back with so many stories to tell! but i'll do installments and start with this one.

but first things first.. (commercial muna tayo)
to all those who emailed me about my wedding dress, thank you for the nice comments! and for those who asked (so sorry for the delay on this) about Njork's 411, here it is:

    for PI brides:
    ph. no. +632.416.9098 or +632.925.5495
    AE: Sharon Tonogbanua email her at:

    for US brides:
    send your emails to Miguel Leyva at
    --and yes he will fly out to any state (he's from frisco) with prior arrangements! just give him a heads up :)

and now moving on...
sad ticket. well, like most often than not, i was, once again, running late for work. i blame it all to our house's proximity to my workplace, which is seven minutes -- inclusive of 2 traffic lights and 5 three way stops. kasi i noticed that when you work so close from where your house is, all the more you get friends with your alarm's snooze button which gives you high tendencies of becoming unprofessional but popular to night shifts, kasi i see them at the parking lot on their way home as i come in, hehehe (this is punishment 101, from me to me -- self humilitaion). but today is not my ordinary late-for-work kind of days. this is BIG time punishment 101 for me. i sure didn't make daddy proud of me today.

Everyone, all together now, say hi to my first traffic citation ticket after ten years of driving. Baaahhhh. For someone who has recently turned 28 in the last 2 weeks, this is sooo pathetic! Totally repulsing. According to the cute, hunk of a man, stern officer, i did a "rolling stop". Well, i really did. I got too nervous when i saw the police car at the corner of my eyes with lights going all over my rear view mirror! I forgot the golden rule my dad used to tell me: when officer asks you "do you know why i stopped you?" ALWAYS ANSWER: No, i'm sorry sir i don't. Well, today my friend, ms. smarty-lil-pants in me stupidly answered yes! Bwiset. Di talaga ako marunong magsinungaling. Pweh. Now what do i get? A definitely huge fine coming in the mail and an option to either contest my citation ticket or attend driving school class or online class to lessen the fine AND keep my driving record clean at the same time. Sweet. Just what i needed on top of ten thousand things i needed to do. And to make it worst, when i came in to work my charge nurse told me: "oh dear, i'm so sorry. we're overstaffed today and when i checked the staffing book, it says it's your turn to be flexed". Great. Just mother f*cking great. I wanted to slap her with the ticket i just got.

Anyway. Back to mr. officer. when he finally let me go, the first thing i did was to look for my cellphone and dial up my husband. I was practically sobbing when he picked up the phone. and after making sure that i'm well... all he said was "Honey naman, gumagaya ka pa sakin eh". I had to laugh so hard when i suddenly remembered that he just had a ticket himself some two days ago for making an illegal right turn somewher in manila, hahahhaha! Dios mio, mag asawa nga kami! Hayyyy.

ok. time for happy tickets.

i really don't care if korean air means longer flights with longer lay-overs in between. it's the cheapest and earliest flight i can get this peak season. i am just very happy (in every essence of the word) that i am headed way home soon.

up next: more wedding updates....

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