Saturday, April 15, 2006

sneak peek

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last time brian went to Njork's for the girls' first fitting session, he was able to take photos of my dress. my, my, it's half way done!!! last time i got to wear it was in january, when it was still all barren and plain. the beadings are now all over and i am just very happy with the results! as francis, miguel and i agreed upon, i went non-traditional with the color and chose an off-white dress, swarosvski crystals were used and liberally embellished to accentuate the lace patterned bodice. i specifically requested to give emphasis on the back and keep the front of it simple. here's bits and pieces of it. i'd bring the entire profile of my dress on supplier ratings entry after the wedding... but if you're a fellow w@wie bride scouting, then just holler and i'd give you access to it!

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