Saturday, May 27, 2006

bridal shower

last may 12th my co-workers threw a bridal shower (that's minus the stripper) for me and a fellow bride to-be, Lewie (her wedding is a month before mine), at Marj's place. some of the girls thought we were not goin to have fun without having a male stripper coming in to play with. they thought wrong! after all, this has been by far the wildest, whackiest party ever, anyone of us has had at marj's! our boys (from work) came and loaded us up with gallons and gallons of booze and overflowing supply of barbequed everything :)

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i was supposedly lewie's designated driver. however, since she doesn't drink more than 2 (or i think 3) shots of anything with alcohol, i ended up taking the shots meant for her.... lame excuse to drink, i know. ehehhehe. ah basta ganun. and so everytime i turn, there's a shot waiting for me, hahaha! so naturally, by nine i was out! i didn't see any games nor get to open my gifts with lewie =P. oh well. it was such a good party and a loud one i believe that's why at around eight the kid next door knocked and posted this at the door:

ahh, poor child. cute idea tho, hehehe. so just imagine me as i was walking to my car the following morning while the neighbor was washing his car outside giving me a dirty look ... i wanted to yell and say "it wasn't just me!!". i opted not to and decided to just deal with my headache issues.

i had so much fun! thanks to you guys! :)

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