Sunday, May 28, 2006

our wedding invites!

finally. after all the hoolah balooh and mind-blowing frustrations, we've found the right guy to make our invites!

click image for more details
Supplier: Norman Lleses of YRL Designs & Prints

Norman actually was not our first choice to supply our invites, nor the final design we've come up with (i initially wanted the cherry blossom ones). but, like they said, "the best are saved for last". and it's true! Norman did deliver the specifications we've requested, not to mention the numerous times we've revised each and every pieces of the entire set just to get it the way we really wanted it to be. i really have to salute the guy for his patience on me! hehehe. conversations were purely sms and YM chats that took loooong hours. there was even a time when i forgot our time difference and poor guy had skipped lunch just so he'll be assured that he'll get all of my requests and changes (even last minute) correctly. he surely made it to our top suppliers' list :)

*again, thanks to w@w suppliers' directory*


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