Thursday, September 22, 2005


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Brian and i were talking about wanting to have this chocolate fondue at the reception. Knowing the chocoholics in us, we'd pretty much sit our table right next to this heavenly treat, hehe! The only thing is, brian have been trying to get a hold of them but their phone's been busy for the longest time now. Everytime he'd call, it's busy... Hmm, business must be good. I sure do hope we can afford to have this one. I've been browsing the W@W yahoo group for prices and found a couple of suppliers that offer good prices but the tallest they have is an 18". We just think it'd be more fun if it's tall and flowy, hehehe. Yeah. Listen to the kid in me talking. Next thing you'll see is me and brian running around like big kids at the reception. Hyper with all the sugar boost this humongous fondue could bring, hahahha! Oh but who cares, you can never go wrong with chocolates. I'm sure our guests will feast on this one, as well. In that case, i'm sure they will go home all "sugar happy".

Also, i think this would be the best place to put the personalized napkins we're trying to get. Hmmm... ideas after ideas! I'm on the roll here, baby! Weee!


Jane Bio said...

hi anna, i contacted a choco supplier before and it costs 35,000 pesos! my gulay, hinimatay ako. well, unles you can afford it. super yummy sya!

Brian & Anna said...

hehehe, i was actually thinking na it would cost around that much or even more. however, brian did get a hold of one supplier that offers 45" tall for 20k with 2 attendants, to run for 5 hrs and matatawaran pa ata if he books early today at the fair. i think it'd go down to 15k pa daw. but we'll see... we're really down for this one :)