Sunday, September 18, 2005

the dress

After blatantly telling Migs that i am very overwhelmed and are now clueless as to what i exactly want for my dress, he then asked me to send him a picture of me and ian through email and said he'd take care of it for me. these all happened prior to meeting him in person.

a day or so had passed and he emailed me back with these:

design no. 1

design no. 2

design no. 3

*all embellishments are in silver

Amazing isn't it!? I've looked thru them in person when he flew in to meet me and Migs explained to me that these sketches are modular, meaning, the designs can be interchanged by putting the sheets one on top of the other to capture the look of a different combination. the bodice and the bottom of the front and back are all interchangable. did it make sense? i wish i could show it here how it's done. anyways, i've chosen a combination of these: the bodice of gown no. 1-- has symmetrical satin sheets that criss-crosses just right under the bustline and a satin sheet that runs across the chest to hide some of my upper bulges (heee!) and as for the back part of the dress, i'm deciding between design no. 1 or no. 2. i told him that i'll toy around with the idea once the gown is partially made. i can't wait 'til i get back to manila again and start this whole dress making process!

Migs is just brilliant. I get all giddy with all these anticipation of how my dress is gonna be like in real life =)

Here are the rest of the dresses for the girls:
*these are tentative til i get the final quote, if they're too pricey i'd shop around again
for Adet (my sis in-law), Matron of Honor

for Teng (my bestfriend), Maid of Honor
(this design will be changed into a halter top neckline)

for Leah (my niece), Bridesmaid

for Rosa, Cyrene and Aureen (cousins and niece), Secondary sponsors


Jane Bio said...

hi anna! the designs are fabulous. simple and elegant. it's a big relief off your chest once the designs are out of your way already. you still have a long way to go but i'm sure you can organize your wedding pretty well. happy preps!

Brian & Anna said...

thanks, jane! and that is so true. it really is a big relief for me. hope you come by again :)