Saturday, October 01, 2005

bibles for brides

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*warning: this is a shameless yet worthwhile plug*

stressed out searching? try this.

today i got my w@w's Bride's Yellow Pages (2005-2006 ed.) and the Wedding Primer (3rd ed.). these two are publications that are exclusively designed to cater for brides-to-be/couples in helping from engagement preps to the wedding minute details itself. consider these as pinay bride's bibles. if you're interested, these books are available at major local bookstores in the Philippines and, as far as i know, are distributed here in the US by w@w brides that are based here (depends on which state you're at). i got my books through the kindness of edrei, a fellow bride who resides here in california (hayward) as well. i say if you're a pinay bride, getting married in the philippines or abroad, grab these two as these books are concise, will provide you the complete contact details, even discounts at participating vendors and will direct you to suppliers that are from around the metro manila area who are more than capable of catering to brides abroad. i felt my full year subscription to Bride's magazine (and the like) is not enough. trust me, these books will get you the real meat of it all.

happy hunting everyone!

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