Friday, August 17, 2018


A month ago, Archie told me he's heading to LA for a few days and we decided to meet up. Been a while since we saw each other.

We now have an excuse to head over to LA and eat. Do a few sight seeing on the side and enjoy the all day traffic (the last one was just sarcasm).

Korean BBq

We're supposed to be there at around 9AM so we can get things done early, but we all know that's impossible since it's a Friday, and we're talking about LA. Traffic is just like air. It's everywhere. We picked him up and just decided to head on for lunch.

Archie Archie

We got at Ook Kook at exactly 11:45AM before the crowd started showing up. For now, this is our go to place in LA when it comes to AYCE Korean bbq.

We now have to walk all that meat off our body, and went over to Staples center. We did the usual, looked around the stadium and took pics by the bronze statues. There's really nothing to do there so we head towards "The Walk of fame".


It was pretty warm that day. And by the time we're done taking pics around, it was already 5PM. we then had to drop Archie off and call it a day.


And yet, on our way back, we can't just head home empty handed. So we then decide to stop over by Portos. Hate going here. Every single time, we'd go over board and just end up buying boxes upon boxes of bread.


This day was filling, tiring, fun and sweaty. It was a good quickie.

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