Monday, August 13, 2018

Another reason to love Amazon

After watching The Greatest Showman a few weeks ago, both kids are now obsessed with its soundtrack. We have iTunes for our music library, unfortunately they'd rather listen to Alexa with our Echo devices. 

They've been listening to the tracks, but Alexa was only able to play samples and bits of the songs. Feeling bad, I felt that I should do something since music plays a big part in our household. 

We have Prime and I felt we're not maximizing the full extent of it. I discovered that there's Prime Music and that there's an IOS app. Upon downloading and logging onto our Amazon account, it showed me all the CD's I've purchased in the past years. And to my surprise, it gave me all the digital copies of them all!

Prime Music

I then bought a physical copy of The Greatest Showman soundtrack and was ecstatic to see the digital copy. But I was doing these all during my lunch break at work. I was bit frustrated since what I can do is very limited given that I am not home at the time.  

Come night time, the kids were so excited that they can now listen to every music of the soundtrack. Alexa opened new doors again. A huge array of music playlist. Songs that we listen to and some even comes with lyrics. Karaoke mode at the gym? We even set Alexa to play our playlist  to wake us up in the morning.

Prime Music

This maybe old news for a few, but there are still some out there, like me, are just missing so much. Smart homes are here to stay. And this would be another reason to love Amazon.

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