Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Im starting to loose faith in you......LG

When we bought our house a few years back. LG was our first choice in all our appliances. I've had a good experience even before I was back in PI. 


It was a lil bit hard on the wallet having to buy just one brand, and it took us a while. We we're happy and satisfied. Until 2016 when the fridge broke down. It was only 4 years old back then, and the compressor and capacitor gave in. To make things worst, it was already off warranty. 

We then had to purchase an extended warranty which cost $399 for a year and that would cover from parts to labor. Took around 3 weeks to get it fixed. And during this time, we had to purchase a chest freezer from Insignia (a Best Buy brand).


And then a year later, our overhead microwave broke down. And to our surprise, it was only 3 years old and off warranty. But this time, it was not worth buying the extended warranty. This was very disappointing, considering that LG was supposed to be a very good brand.


A few days ago, the fridge starting to act up again. Ice started to melt inside the freezer. Overnight, it was dead. This sucks now, since the extended warranty has lapsed again. And upon reaching out to LG, they said they'll cover just the condenser and we have to pay for everything else through their authorized repair guys.

I then proceeded to call the repair shops, and the estimate they gave me was around $450-$600 fro everything and this already includes the free condenser. So I called LG and inquired if they would let me avail the extended warranty but lo and behold, the agent said that they don't offer that anymore.


And now my choices are either to have it fixed and might end up with another broken fridge or just buy a new one. I'm definitely choosing the latter. 

By now, I'm not loosing my faith, rather lost it and I/m not even gonna look back to buy any LG electronics in the future. It's just a waste that I had to resort to buying new stuff, when these things should last you at least 10 years. I paid good money, I expect quality.

Update January 2019: Was not expecting for LG to reach out to us through our website. They did contact us and made some arrangements.  I appreciate the effort and thankful that some big corporations still cares how their products affect consumers.

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LGUSA said...

Hey Brian & Anna, the amount of time and money you have spent towards repairs is unacceptable to us. We are thankful that you chose us to be a part of your family and we want to restore your faith in us. I would love to gather some more details about your refrigerator so that I may offer my assistance. Please copy and paste the link below in your browser to proceed. ^TP https://refrigerators.lgsupport.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?id=WEB_98_sg_825D898D65C10F7BA62BAC41E79C2D84&agent=4447871