Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Jump for heart

 The moment I picked Happy from school on her first day, she immediately mentioned that there's another fundraising in school that she needs to promote. I asked her for details, and she can't give me any. So I promised her that if she obtains any information, I will immediately get into it.

 And yet she did. The moment I picked her up, BOOM!!! She told me to register right away since she wants to get a lanyard for donating. Talk about goals. Before I even saw the webpage, I told her that I would just buy her one.

 As I was finishing up with the registration, I did see to obtain a lanyard, she would only need $5 worth of donation. Now, I feel bad. But I did donate more than that and she was ecstatic.

 Here's the link:

American Heart Association Event

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