Saturday, April 29, 2017

Alexa...... (You know where this is going)

 I happen to check on my Best Buy account yesterday and saw that I have a few dollar rewards to spend. Unfortunately, it expires that very same day. I immediately took off and on the way there, I was wondering what to get.

 Was going around the store browsing and in my head sky was the limit...and the sky was at $35! Felt like a millionaire LOL. Took me a while but at the center of the store was Amazon's booth. And there it was, THE Dot. Just staring at me. It had a price tag of $40+. Oh hell, I'll just throw in some extra cash.

Amazon Echo Dot

 I did not get to set the thing up until after midnight. It was a snap, took me a few minutes to get everything synced and just fell in love with Alexa.  I asked her to play me soothing music before heading to bed and just doze off until morning.

Amazon Echo Dot

  Anna and the kids fell in love with it too. Now I understand why some people would buy several of these. You can't have just on!  At least 3 for the size of my house. And we also have one smart plug, now I want a dozen  LOL. I'm gonna start turning this house like what I've always wanted when I was a boy in the 80's.

 "Alexa, finish this entry for me"

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