Friday, December 30, 2011


The day we're about to leave for PI, I decided I'd buy Nikon J1 for Anna. Huge mistake. Of course, we wanted the white version. Which apparently and oddly sold out in Best Buys and Targets in our area.


With a $600++ price tag, you'd think most people would rather go for an SLR since it is one of those hybrids that Sony came out with the NEX. I did try one on display stand, and I wasn't impressed since I'm already all too familiar with it's bigger half brother SLR, it did not appeal to me.

So I told Anna that her only hope would be to find one at our stop over in Incheon. I made it clear that if the SRP goes above $50, I wont buy her one.


We then arrived at Incheon 5AM and naturally most of the major shops don't open till 7AM. Our stop was only three hours which translates to an hour window to shop. Soon as the stores opened, we threaded the airport-mall-in-one from gate to gate. Luckily, we found a way better deal not offered anywhere in US -- read freebies: tripod, strap, nikon hot-stamped leather case, and extra wide lens! And yes, they have white in stock! Needless to say, i made the wife happy with her new toy.

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j. said...

hi anna and brian!

good to know happy is ok.
still wish we saw each other while you were in the philippines!

till next time then.take care!