Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego Wildfire 2007

Santa Ana winds broke and fed fire here in San Diego county since last night. This came quite a surprise because it's now fall and it is less likely to happen since the weather is (supposedly) shifting to a much cooler temperature.

As i write this, residents who lives 5-10 minutes east from where I am at just received mandatory orders to vacate their houses (my area is still under "voluntary evacuation") since the winds are blowing towards south and have now begun to set fire uncontrollably. Some of these people are friends, my former manager and a lot people from my workplace. Work has activated it's command center since the break of dawn. We've been getting patients transported from northeastern hospitals that required emergency evacuations. ER was a mess according to my sister. And poor sister had to come home attached to a pager, on-call for the next 24 hours.

Home situation is still ok. The pool in the back is thickly covered with fine soot. Pine leaves all over. Everything is either orange or gray. I have now packed three bags and a suitcase. If worst has to happen tonight --- i have water, power bars and 3 cans of libby's sausages in my backpack.

This has been a chaotic and sad day for all San Diegans. Please be generous with your prayers.

Maps of the wildfire are from CBS 8



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