Wednesday, October 03, 2007

oh, how annoying!

So where on earth have i been?!

Absolutely--- NOWHERE.

I've mastered hiding and staying out of trouble for a good time now and sorta like to keep it this way for awhile -- till i got tagged by good friend, Nikki -- now this is a good reason to come back and blog, di ba?

Not that i was really missed by anyone nor do you really care about some updates on my whereabouts the past few, but i'd like to log some updates and do some quick recollection for myself to read before i proceed to the tag. let's see--

April: I had a good birthday this year. Highlight was good shopping day with mom and this.

May: applied to change my citizenship.

June: got interviewed for citz; i was a nervous wreck after the findings of my ate's x-rays (read: patient #1); kuya got into a nasty car accident towards the end of the month (read: patient #2). His back surgery went well and has good turnaround so far. became a US citz (finally) on the 22nd.

July: 5th year wedding anniversary-- sad since we're not together to celebrate for the first time. Got my new passport and upgraded husband's petition to speed things up. Canceled vacation to WA. Patient #1 and #2 now started to annoy me.

August: HOT and HUMID, ugh. Stubborn patient #1 and patient #2 plus ten thousand family and friends visiting over drove me crazy. I simply can't stand it. I was ready to pull my hair out! trip to Anchorage with mom before the month ended.

September: Ate's home interior improvements and pool deck placement's finally finished. Front yard landscaping to follow. And their tired interior decorator/landscaper/home nurse/slave/sister/--ME! --couldn't wait for them to leave for China/PI so she can have her sanity back.

October: Bliss! Home alone. Nice. Just very, very nice. And oh, plus a more stable and worry-free WiFi is back-- thanks, Guerrero. You're the best! Husband's interview on the 11th. Finalize tickets to PI and back after husband's interview. Do i see Seoul somewhere in between?! just wishing...LOL.

aishhh... whatalongdragging update! sorry, hehe. here's the tag as promised:

I shall name it-- "The Annoying ME"
Instructions: List 7 quirks, habits, traits which make you annoying. When you’re done, TAG 7 others to do the same.

1. Pronounce "New Hampshire" in a jologs way with matching pouting lips. This annoys Monching, Nel and Alicia so much... haylavet!

2. According to my husband (who's in skype and laughing so hard right now after i asked him "Hon, when do i get annoying to you?"), i am annoying when i insist to be right when the entire world tells me that i am sooo wrong.

3. Still according to husband (who's still laughing and seem to be enjoying all these), i am annoying when i demand for him to be awake when I'm awake.

4. When i say "duhhhh!" in a dragging manner... i sometimes annoy myself. LOL.

5. It annoys Marlon, my college buddy, when i sing "Nahhh-Nahhh-Na, Na, Na, Nahhhhh" (from the show Champoy from way, way back) loudly, as in LOUD, every time our prof in Philo would exit our room. Poor professor reminds me so much of Noel Trinidad. LOL. Marlon's ready to choke me, hehehe!

6. I won't let my husband go once he's told me that he's cooking up a surprise for me! I annoy the heck out of him till he spill the beans... sweet!

7. Just to annoy my husband some more, and this becoming an effective habit just to tick him off real good, I'd pretend not to hear him in skype and would keep calling "honey... honeyyy!!..... honeyyyyy di kita marinig!!!!" then he'll be all so close to his mic saying "ano ba! kulang na lang lunukin ko na 'tong mic ah!" LOL. classic. haylavet!

and for the lucky 7 i'm tagging, you're IT! so get ready:)-- Keith, Diane, Annabelle, Yevka, Jenne, Dionne, Angie

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