Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Half of my Holy grail

After spending an entire day in Toyota Alabang waiting for my car to get done, I finally got a break. On my way to SM Southmall to get me a burrito, I had passed by an Adidas store. After months of searching, going from one store to the other, there it was, hanged on the display stand, just waiting to be snagged by some fortunate soul.

Phils Track Jacket by Adidas Phils Track Jacket by Adidas

Lucky me-- that soul happens to be me. And would you believe it was even the right size for the wife?! One of the staff even said, "Sir, swerte nyo, pinareserve kasi yan, pero di na kinuha".

And now, I'm half way there. When and where will the exclusive men's jacket appear?

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